Clutch Inspection Cover Damage

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by cedarbrook63, May 11, 2009.

  1. cedarbrook63

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    Well I'm pretty annoyed at myself.
    I bought a pair of nice looking Harley boots a while back.
    Can't see any info about where they were made - Smitty reckons these "American" brand boots are all made in China - and I can see people being a bit ticked about that.

    Anyway - these boots have some shiney decorative metal studs on the leather straps with a HD metal plate on the outer ankle and a ring on the inner. You've probably all seen 'em at the dealerships. Problem is I've just noticed that the inside studs have scratched and scored the metal surface of the clutch inspection cover while I've been changing gear. :small3d023::bigsmiley29::devil:newsmile055:
    These little toons don't quite say it!

    Any suggestions as to what I can do to restore the surface or is it just a case of buy a new one? I'm taking the plate off soon anyway to change over to Spectro tranny oil.

    Thanks for any advice guys and gals.:D
  2. hjacobson1

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    You should be albe to polish out the scratches, but may take some time depending on how deep they are.

    With the cover off, a good wheel mounted on a drill press and some polishing compound you should be able to do this.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    CB... don't feel bad, most of us have done the deed or the opposite to our boots, happens all the boots are much more expensive than that cover, but the shifter post (even rubber padded) still dings the uppers up so you end up replacing the boots much sooner than you care to...(surprisingly enough), the boots are probably several times cost as the clutch inspection cover...way HD = Hundred(s) of Dollars

    I know, small consolation, but a little sanding or polishing compound depending on the severity of the scratches, followed by soap and water and polishing wheel, you should be good to go.
  4. cedarbrook63

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    Yeah guys you're right. Was just kicking myself for blooding the new scoot.: ). I'll give it a little light abrasive and polish and she'll be right. Thanks!
  5. Razorwyre

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    Don't beat yourself up too bad. I like to look at some of these scratches and scrapes as giving a bike some character. There is usually a good story behind most of them. If not, you can make one up.:p
  6. Clint

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    My new Wesco boots have a sharp edge on the heel that cut the rubber on my half moon boards! I was told I can replace the rubber but haven't found a source yet.
  7. TQuentin1

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    I know this was not the main focus of your post, but I wanted to make sure you are NOT putting Spectro transmission gear lube in the primary. Spectro Primary or HD Formula + are good here, but I don't think you should put the gear lube in the primary.

    Sorry! Wasn't paying attention. Sporty! OK, but still not sure about the Spectro tranny fluid in with the clutch. Have to differ to one of the other guys that runs around on those!

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  8. 67hat34c

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    I have the chrome cover off of my 08 1200c. Not a mark on it, Changed to flame covers. 10.00. Send me a pm if you want it.
  9. cedarbrook63

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    Thanks Santa :rofl sorry I mean Hobbit.
    No worries, the few scratches don't seem to have interfered with the streamlined aerodynamics of the scoot. Looking fwd to Stage 1:D
  10. fin_676

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    You may only have scratched the laquer coating on top of the metal
    if that is correct then no amount of polishing will fix it you'll need to remove the laquer polish the cover then re apply laquer
    use paint stripper to remover the laquer
    you will need the correct sort of laquer to re apply heat resistant and suitable for bare metal
    Classic car restoration, kit cars and motorcycle restoration tools and equipment - Frost Auto
    do a search for laquer youll soon find it
    make sure its warm and dry before applying it or it may get damp under the laquer and youll get white corrosion forming