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  1. Sidewind75

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    Hello all. I am a new HD owner and was wonder what people use to clean and polish there bikes...the chrome the paint the leathers on it?. If this is in the wrong thread sorry lol. any tips would be appreciated

    Happy Riding
  2. turnerbend

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    There are so many good product out there to clean and shine your ride. I think it is a personal preference as with cleaning your automobile. I don't think any good product will harm the paint or chrome on your cycle. Just be sure its clean before you shine. Good cleaning.
  3. dbmg

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    What I have used for years is the car soap with wax in it. Like Turtle Wash and Wax. Of course I use more than the directions recommend. I skim the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and fill with hot water till suds overflow bucket. The shine that remains after washing and drying and then Pledge usage on the top panel and the bike looks like new and done in about a hour.. Try it you might like it...:s
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    On the little chrome I have left - I use HD's paste/polish & never-dull. For the seat - HD leather care & best waxes so far are Meguire's X2 or Turtle Wax Black. Hope this helps a bit - keep 'er shiny!!!
  5. whacko

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    HA HA.....I'm the first one to respond with PLEDGE! HA!

    Yes use pledge and a soft cloth to everything on your harley except the leather and vynal seat! You will be amazed.....I certainly will not be the only one to respond with PLEDGE on everything!
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    Is it still ok to say Pledge..?..Pledge is my freind..:)
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    +1 on pledge, i'd give it a good wax job and use pledge there after.
  8. HDDon

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    As has been said their are many good products on the Market-Mothers, McGuires, Turtle wash and wax, Pledge, etc. One of the most important things to remember is that high pressure water is not your friend and be very careful where you aim the hose when rinsing the bike. Take a lot of care around the controls on the handlebars and guages. Personally I only use water to rinse off the wheels and tires, dried bugs get a warm moist rag placed on them until they are soft and than I use Mothers or Mcguire detailing spray to clean them off. I wax the bike two or three times a year and clean with a detailer the rest of the time. I spray the detailer on the rag not on the bike wipe on wipe off. Pretty quick and very easy. Here is one trick that I use to get a nice shine while cleaning the bike. I buy McGuires quick detailer and quick wax, in a seperate spray bottle I mix them 1/2 bottle of each into the spray bottle. shake well and use like detailer. Pour the remaining 1/2 bottles together. Most people think my black '94 FLSTC looks like new.
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    Totally agree about the high pressure not being the bikes friend. I gently sluice the dust off with a garden hose simulating a heavy rain.
    Thanks for the mixing of the McGuires tip. I have both of their products in my garage but never considered mixing them. I'll have to give it a try.
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    Um, I thought I just got done reading Dbmg's # 4 post mentioning Pledge! :p Sorry! :D :D