Carbon Fiber Helmets

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  1. otter1958

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    Has anyone purchased a carbon fiber helmet. Just wondering how you folks like them??
  2. ron1978

    ron1978 Active Member

    i tried one on at hd shop, it was super light, and the sells man said, it was 3x stronger than the current models. i liked them but the one i tried on was $585.00
  3. Chopper

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    I'm probably the last person that should be posting on helmets, but having said that. Carbon Fiber helmets are top of the line. They are lighter, means less stress on your neck and more comfort on long hauls, they are stronger, that means more protection, that's what you buy a helmet for, also they are thinner so you don't look like a bubble head while you're riding. Fit is very important, go some where they have a good sales person that can make sure the fit is right, not a sales person trying to get rid of old inventory. If comfort, safty and style means anything to you, go for it, why wear anything less? Now get input from forum members that own them and wear them, I'm no expert because I don't wear helmets.
  4. Animal

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    I flipping hate helmets but living in Canada can't get away from them. Found a $160.00 Carbon Fiber Helmet @ Conti's Biker Wear in Calgary and it's so light I some times forget I have it on. It comes off as soon as I go south of the 49th parrallel. I Ride Mine North of the Forty Nine.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Carbon Fiber Helmets are great. Just got the HD one made by HJC and it fits my 7 1/4" head (my gal says I have a big head...probably right)...and is very light. DOT approved, try to find a good deal, because the price of admission is a bit high if looking at MSRP.

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  6. Skratch

    Skratch Active Member

    This shows how subjective helmets are.

    I ordered a Headtrip helmet from Advanced Carbon Composites last year. While its certainly lightweight it fits horribly. But that could be my head. ;-)

    I would love a good carbon fiber helmet, but I won't buy another one from this company.
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    I "ordered" my Gmax modular from a vendor on Ebay but only after I had gone to a local cycle store and tried on several other versions of their helmets to be 100% sure of the sizing.
  8. Skratch

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    Size wise its fine. But I don't like the adjustable padding. I worked with it alot with the different sizing pads they included, but I find that the helmet continually slides back on my head. I've heard on other sites that the biggest complaint with this helmet is the strap position. I think that has alot to do with it and I think thats the reason it slides back on my head because the strap is positioned too far back and pulls the back of the helmet down. The helmet shouldn't move if I turn my head and even when I have the strap pulled very tight, the helmet slides when I look up/down or to the left/right.

    I agree, ordering a helmet online without trying on is a gamble. But I've ordered other helmets online that I've not had any issues with.

    I wish this one fit me better as I liked the lightweight. I'm by no means saying this is a bad helmet. But on me I find this helmet not very comfortable with not a very good fit. But it could just be my melon. ;-)
  9. ccraig

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    I agree, I tried two different ACC helmets and neither one fit my head right. There was no questions asked on the return of the helmets but shipping was getting expensive. I finally ended up at Sacremento HD and bought a Daytona carbon fiber helmet for $150 it was about 4 ounces heavier than the ACC helmet but had much better padding on the inside and it fit right. Craig
  10. hammerhead pat

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    I went to the Head Trip "office" in Orlando back in Dec. and was going to get one. Naturally they didn't have my size at the time, But I was very dissapointed at the interior of the helmet and the cheap styrofoam "sizing" pads. Didn't buy one. I guess I'll keep looking...