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  1. B.McGee

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    First off, I really have learned a lot from this site.
    Yinz guys run a great forum here. Thank you.
    I'm not sure if I am under the right topic or not but here goes.

    Does anyone know if I can order a 2015 Ultra Limited Low with an air cooled motor, (I would like to be able to remove the lowers).
    Also any tips on negotiating with the sales staff regarding a new bike purchase.

    Until now I have been riding a very pretty, smoking hot (not my words) striped down, custom 73 FLH.
    This will be my first new purchase and I am really fighting the urge to just run into the dealer and go... ahhhh give me that one.:small3d006:

    So I am trying to learn as much as possible.

  2. 67wizard

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    Unless I am wrong the Limited comes with the water cooled heads lowers would have to stay on. U can get the Ultra Classic its air cooled.
  3. dbmg

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    Are you from the Burg????

    You can not remove the lowers for that is where the radiators are and cooling fans are placed.......
    Buying a bike on sheer emotion can end up back firing once the dealer is done taking advantage of you while you are under the ether and then you rejoin the land of the living.......:nosad
  4. Breeze3at

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    Water cooled is not an option. It's on the bikes that have it, not on the ones that don't.
    And very important advice in previous post, don't fall in love (and when you do, don't let the salesperson know it). New bike sales are slowing down in some areas of the country, make them work for your dollars. Once you sit down in the office, they start HD'ing (hundred dollaring) you to death with add on charges, you can negotiate some of them.
  5. fin_676

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    It may be good advice not to buy the first bike you fall for however if I did that I would not have any bikes
    On this side of the pond I would ensure I hade the money available to buy now
    Approach the sales staff at a quiet time of year oct and nov are good months here
    In this area salesmen have monthly targets to achieve so make approach towards the end of a quiet month and strongly indicate you are a buyer with money and ready to buy
    Tell them what you really like, leave them with your contact details and walk away
    A good salesman will be chasing you within 24 hours to close down the sale You are in control and concessions may be offered

    Or you could walk into dealer lay on the floor and let the sales team walk all over you

    The situation in your area may differ but the sticker price is their target not yours as it should be a wee bit lower

  6. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Most dealers I have been searching want over MSRP, plus add ons, I wont do it Negotiate or walk away
  7. insp.clouseau

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    0- forget all about new bike.
    1- Buy decent second hand EVO (or TC)
    2- upgrade engine
    3- invest remaining budget in customisation

    4- have a blast :s
  8. dbmg

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    Now this is some good solid advice.......:s
  9. chesbaycruiser

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    In these parts, a savvy buyer can get the dealer to come off the sticker price, and/or throw in some dealer credit for HD parts to add some bling.
  10. Hobbit

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    see what you can get , the Limiteds are rushmore watercooled so no removal of the lowers, mind i never removed the lowers on my previous ultras, just opened the doors, i keep looking at the 2015 street glide and must stop otherwise i know i will be walking out the dealer very shortly with one in black (fastest) or the blue (almost the fastest)