Broken exhaust bracket

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  1. Dswartz

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    I have vance and hines short shots on my 02 Superglide. The last time I installed the pipes I noticed that they werent lining up properly the lower pipe was extending about 1/4" further to the rear than the top pipe. I loosened the bolts to try and adjust it and somehow the mounting bracket broke! That thing is 1/8" thick steel! I was barely putting any pressure on it and couldn't believe it broke like that. I called vance and hines and ordered another bracket and even the customer service rep was surprised about it. It literally split in two pieces where the rear bolt attaches it to the bike. Anybody have any thoughts on what could cause a break like that?

    Also, I bought the bike used with the pipes mounted. I have always thought the bike was far too quiet for the pipes that are on it. I have checked the baffles and am sure they are not the quiet ones that you can buy aftermarket. The Vance and Hines rep said they should measure 110 decibels and I am certain they are no where close. Is is possible the previous owner installed something to quiet the pipes down that I can't see. I've looked down the pipe with the baffle removed and didn't see anything. Any thoughts on what, if anything could make it quiet? I would really like to make it sound like a Harley should.
  2. Mad Dog Jim

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    No way to tell what caused it to break without looking at it. One possibility for an freak unexplained break could be that it was only tacked and never welded at the assembly line, then went through chroming... didn't take much to break it. Or, who knows.

    As to volume, its so hard to tell without hearing in person. I can tell you that the V&H pipes I've seen in person are quiet at an idle, but ride behind them at speed and they are noticable.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Rear exhaust bracket on my 07 Streetbob broke last year, pretty thin material IMO, plus the exhaust being mounted the way it is always flexing with the motor and trannie I am sure helped to break it JMO
  4. Dswartz

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    I forgot to mention the worst part of this story. When I called vance and hines it turns out they don't have any brackets in stock and it will take 2-3 weeks! GGGRRR!! no riding for me!
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    Can't you just weld it up (or get some mech/machining shop to do it for you)? Grind the fracture edges smooth at an angle to get a good full penetration weld and it'll last for a lifetime;)
  6. Dswartz

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    I thought about that but don't know of any machine shops in my area and don't have any friends that weld. I figure I will just wait until the part comes in. I just hope when I get the new part that it doesn't break again. That's really the reason I'm asking you guys about it to see if anybody else has had the same type of problem.
  7. geezer

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    When you get the new bracket installed you should keep the old one till you find someone to weld it and then you have a spare in case it breaks again.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    Very smart idea!

  9. R.Bingham

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    As far as the sound of them goes, pull the baffles out during this down time and look at them. My guess is the previous owner may have wrapped them with fiberglass cloth to quieten them. If so then simply remove it. If not the order some new baffles from Big City Thunder Baffles.

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    Is it possible to post up some pix...? Have to say that many exhaust systems have "trick" mounting techniques regarding assembly sequence and torque specs, as well as design i.e. slip fit couplings, isolation bushings or vibration-rugged clamps and such...just thinking out loud.:newsmile091: