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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Jimmy_k, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Jimmy_k

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    Bought the new 2007 FXDC over the internet on Ebay. Decided to pick up rather than ship to save the $500-600 bucks for shipping. Would rather the put money into upgrades instead of shipping.

    Lucked out on the pickup, was 56 degrees and 100 miles from home. Was planning on 34 degrees. The weather gods were on my side that day for sure.

    Picked her up and drove 100 miles home over country roads along the river back to St. Lous at 56 degrees, just beatiful.... Can't even describe.... You never forget that first time....

    Got home and checked the oil the next day. Dipstick showed black funky looking oil way over full. I figured the bike had sat for a year or so in freezing weather, condensation freezing and making slush in the oil. Very worried.

    Until today. Changed the oil & filter first thing this morning. Then checked the air filter element for oil etc. Only a very small amount. Replaced the stock element with a Drag Specialties element. Not quite k&n, but will do for now, until the stage one upgrade when I can afford that.

    This morning put new detachable windshield on, Mustang wide touring two up seat, and back rest with the all the glitz of a Heritage Classic.

    Then me and the wife put 60 or so miles on her, ran like a charm and very comfortable with the new seats. Wife was very happy with the Mustang versus stock.

    Sitting here at midnight, drinking coffee and beer, wife's asleep, and just feeling that feeling of accomplishment, feeling good.

    Life is good..... Would post a pic if I could figure out how.

    jimmy's fxdc 018.jpg

  2. fabrozor

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    That sounds good :)
  3. HarryB737

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    Congratulations & welcome to HD talking, sounds like you got a keeper there. The picture turned out well.
  4. buck484

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    Richard just gave some sound advice. I too am guilty of that, I can't wait feeling. I purchased a 1953 dodge on e-bay and drove it home fron Missouri to New Mexico. Smartest move, probably not, but what an adventure. Glad everything worked out for you, enjoy that bike. It looks real sweet.
  5. Big Rol

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    Jimmy, what windshield did use, I'm having a hard time deciding
  6. TQuentin1

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    Excellent. Congrats on your new addition.

    When you have a chance, review the info in the self-help pages on oil/lubes for your engine and tranny. Next time you change (and sooner is probably better than later), think about the following:

    Engine: FULL synthetic 20W50 vtwin engine oil
    Tranny: FULL synthetic GL-5 75W140 gear lube
    Primary: Fit-for-purpose wet clutch chaincase oil like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary

    Remember, the recommended oil change frequency from HD are those for ideal conditions. Adjust down from there depending on your riding environment and practice.

  7. Jimmy_k

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    Yes, the more I think about it the more idiotic it was to drive it home without any minimum maintenance at least. Brain was definitely in neutral! Thinking about saving money to do more upgrades might have cost me bigtime.

    Windshield -- is the Harley standard size quick release clear. I can dig the number out if you want it. Love it. Have it mounted where the top is right at mustache height, not all the way up like most people. No problems with buffetting and can see over it.

    Thanks for all the thoughts and advice!
  8. murf

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    very good looking scoot. My choice for w/shield is to look over not through it also. Welcome to the world of harleys
  9. Jimmy_k

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    thank you Murf. I appreciate that. Congrats on being newly retired. I am jealous. I'm right behind you, in 9 or 10 years.....
  10. dfbales

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    I also prefer to look over less distorsion