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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bigriver, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I just picked up my 2011 Road King Classic yesterday and took it for my first ride today. :) I did the 30 - 60 3rd gear engine break in as suggested in another thread, but I've got a question regarding the oil change. I've seen some posts that suggest changing the oil at 100 miles and then the next at the regularly scheduled one at 1000. Just want to get the thoughts on the 100 mile change. Also, it's my understanding that the initial oil from the factory is fossil oil. True? I plan to switch to syn oil but should I do it at the 100 mile or wait till 1000? Appreciate thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.
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    I like to change @ 100 again @ 500 1000 then every 3000 Some bikes have syn in @ delvery
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    Just remember you can never change your oil to much. If it gives you peace of mind than its time to change it.... Would rec Mobil 1 and a Harley filter and gasket kit for the plug...
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    Rgasket kit for the plug

    what is it? never neard of it. lb
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    Re: Rgasket kit for the plug

    Seems you want to waste a lot of oil.
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    I broke my engine in using the same method. I replaced the oil at 200 miles using the standard HD 20w-50. At 1000 miles I switched over to Mobil 1 Twin Cam 20w-50. There are different alloys in our Harley engines that heat and wear differently so in my opinion, I'd rather error on the side of caution and change out the break-in oil early.

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    My Meaning of Break-in-oil..

    It is the oil that is in the bike to start the process of the Parts Smoothing Off the Rough edges,, You CAN leave it in the bike to 1000 miles but Most who change their own oil and filter, and have owned new bikes before, and some have a mechanical ability Usually change it out BEFORE ,,,(1-2-5 hundred mi.) take Your pick or stay with HD's recommendations @.1'ooo miles... then at 1,ooo miles,,, For Sure....Then at the HD recommended OR Earlier IF you Want...

    I personally like the 100, 500, 1000..then 3 to 4 thousand depending on riding style and distances.

    On my last purchase, August end of 09, right when the 2010's were Just out, the Whole trip back to home From purchase in Oregon to Home here in Wa. was done on the break-in-oil... I went 800 miles to home and did it then... 1500 was my next then 5000, (on a trip again.)

    I find that My bike, the 09 FLHR will travel nicely without worry of a change at Early 3 or 4 thousand mile intervals OR LONGER if needed on a long trip...

    I use Redline 20/50in the engine and MTL in the primary and It could go Longer if Needed.... but seldom done.

    Just My Way

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    Over the years...I have asked many Harley Master Techs, and indy techs...all basically the same answer...1000 miles is a good time to change, redundant to change it early, you don't gain a thing. But to each his own...potato...potatoe, tomato, tomatoe...this topic will get you many different answers...just depends how anal you are... but 1000 miles def. then 5000 miles thereafter will keep ur bike happy for many miles to come... BTW 30-60-30 was a great idea...enjoy!
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    Personally, I would suggest just following the intervals as suggested in your factory owners manual.

    Often engine oils will have extra additives in them from the factory to help with the break-in process so you dont want to change it too soon.

    That being said, when it is time to change, go with a good motorcycle specific synthetic oil.

    I have used the Harley Davidson Syn 3 for years and it seems to work just fine but there are plenty of other good brands as well.
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    I've never heard of this in a Harley. Do you have any details that would prove Harley does this or are you just speaking in general? I would love to know before my next new bike, whenever that may be!