Brake light problem

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by azflhtci, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. azflhtci

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    06 Electrigliade classic. Brake light fuse keeps popping. I have replaced it several time and it will work for a short period. I have the run/turn hook-upand have even disconnected it and have the same result. Any ideas? Thanks

  2. dangerdan

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    Check the bulb and make sure its snug. Its possible that the centre lead contact is deformed or pitted and making contact with the ground.
    Try changing the bulb.
    Check the fuse for the correct amp rating.
    Check the wires for wear and tear going into the light housing.
  3. Bodeen

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    Can you narrow it down to which brake pops it? Front or back? That will go a long way in helping the process along. The wires underneath the rear fender come to mind though.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    The Run Turn hook up is this for trailer hook up?
  5. tourbox

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    I believe there is a relay inside the fairing for that also. It has to do with the Cruise Control. You may not have Cruise Control on an Elect. Classic but it, the relay, should be there for add on later.
  6. wannaride

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    Disconnect it under the seat where it goes into the rear fender. Mine got rubbed by the tire in the top of the fender.

    I rerouted them to the outside of the fender & ran them along the side of the fender after repairing the wires.

  7. biscuit

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    Which is it? Front or rear switch that blows the fuse? You need to isolate the switch that has the issue and follow it on.Disconnect the wires from that switch and hook up a Multimeter on "Continuity" to the connectors that you pulled the wires from.The switch should be open circuit(high resistance or high Ohm reading)across the connectors if it's good;and show a direct short(low resistance or low Ohm reading)when you operate it.If the Multimeter shows a reading of low resistance or low Ohms before you operate the switch then it has an internal short and will have to be junked.

    Years back,i had a bike with a faulty brake light switch that would blow the main fuse and bring me to a stop.The problem was that the fairly simple switch had developed an internal short and every time the brake was applied the fuse went 'pop',and i came to a stop.

    Of course,you could have wiring under the guard that has been attacked by the wheel--check your power wire to the rear tailight for damaged insulation or bare contact to metal..
  8. dbmg

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    I second checking the wiring under rear fender. I bet loaded up it happens more frequently????
  9. azflhtci

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    As for the switch I am not sure as it only blows when riding. Setting int he garage everything work fine. I've disconnected the Tail lamp and just let the run/brake/turn module do its thing and the fuse still blows. Will check the wiring harness under the finder and the relay in the fairing as well. Thanks for the response.
  10. HDDon

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    I think we all know how frustrating this type of problem can be. When you find the culprit will you let us all know?