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Boy or Girl ??

stay cool

I've noticed over the years that most guys refer to their bike as she, her, my girl and so on. i've always said him, he, bigguy and so i the only one that has a boy ??. just curious.
Personally if I'm gonna spend all these hours riding something and then spend a whole bunch of more hours cleaning something and then buy it thousands of $ of bling..... it's gonna be a chick. Your mileage may vary.
I agree with buzzy, spending the kind of coin that we spend on these bikes it has to be a lady of the evening!:devil
I have to say mine is a woman, shes loud, she irritates the heck out of me but I always come back for more.
Harleys are just like women: beautiful to look at, no two are the same, expensive as hell, and will hurt you bad if you are careless with them.....
Deffinatly gendered female and similar to the wife, I mean she gets a little nasty when I ride her but she cleans up really nice, :D