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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by franka, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. franka

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    When riding and my bike "bottoms out" what part(s)is actually hitting bottom? Just got back from a road trip, bike loaded but not overloaded and bottomed out constantly. Also, what parts should I be inspecting to make sure there is no severe damage?
    I'm running lower shocks on back.
  2. Adamal47

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    You should be hitting your frame. If it was an awkward
    hit I would check out the bottom of the motor to look
    for any cracks or deep gouges. Perhaps you should rethink
    your lowered shocks before some serious damage occurs.
  3. 2000classic

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    If you are referring to when your rear wheel hits a bump and THEN bottoms out, I believe you are at the end of the travel of the shocks. You may also have the rear tire contacting the rear fender. You may want to inspect area above the tire for damage to wiring harness for rear lites. When loading up, as with riding two up, I add air to the rear shocks to keep from bottoming out. Hope this helps.:)
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    I agree.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I see NO mention of the air pressure you put in Your shocks?

    IF you didn't know or have not checked them/added air pressure.... Even your lower shocks should need air.

    I use 28/30 for two up and loaded with T-bag. Maybe 35# tops...

    Please note...IF you use a regular tire inflator/air compressor with Quick High Volume Pressure, You can Blow-out the shocks/seals/lines and cause severe damage:53::53::53:

    I use a HD little pumper with gauge,,, Made especially for the shock pumping. good unit and sells from HD for about 49$ (memory) Worth the cost/nice tool.

  6. Jack Klarich

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    Check and recheck the air lines and the schrader valve for leaks First, look at the rear shocks, are the boots still in place? Are they oily? Soap them up and look for leaks
  7. HD99

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    I have an 06 rdking and I lowered it 1 1/2 inches with a burly lowering kit only to bottom out even with the shocks at 28-30 lbs the tire is hitting the fender! not to mention the seat bolts or any other thing that could have cut the tire . my tire hit bottom twice and that was enough to cut the wireing harness to the rear end . I rode about 200 miles home with no rear turn or brake lights, lucky for me I was with a group.
  8. franka

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    Thanks all, going back to stock shocks
  9. ironmark

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    If you upgrade the rear shocks you may not have the bottoming out problem. I upgraded to the Progressive Suspension 440 shocks which keeps the bike at stock height and I do not have any bottoming out issues even riding 2 up. A lot of people have put on the Progressive 940 shocks which will lower the rear of the bike 1 inch but it will still give you the same amount of travel as the 440 shocks. I never wanted to lower my bike because I scrape the floorboards enough as it is.
  10. Webbtron

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    I had the 440 progressives installed in Rapid City, SD. Absolutely great. Embarassing example, getting gas up by the Climax mine (Leadville, CO) an leaving the station I some how thought the exit drive was wider than it was. Wife and I hopped off the top of the curb and onto the road...nothing but net. I will soon do the monotubes in the front.