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Don't even know what brand mine are they are so old but they work hard both summer and winter especially when I have to stop :D.
Myself I wear a pair of 14yr old US Marine Corps issue Extreme Duty Combat Boot made by Matterhorn Boots USA!
The way they're going they've got another 100,000 miles in them. Wear them year round, in any weather.
I have one pair of H-D boots as well as my wife that she uses all the time. Besides the H-D boots I also have two pair of Marine Corps black boots that I kept after retiring in '92. Still have plenty of tread left on them and I wear them quite often especially when riding to work and having to wear them for 8 hours.
$37.00 Payless heavy duty gage steal Toe, all year round. I don't care for the Sexy prepy HD boots. Mine have been thru hell and back and the first pair save my foot last year when Grany pulled out in front of me with a GIANT Buick. She used three lanes to make a right turn. Big Lou had to lay Fury down to keep from going AIRBORNE! Slid for what seamed an eternity, but thanks to Higway bars , experience and my $37. 00 boots I was able to get up and walk away. It eate the boot down to the steal toe and lost no skin!!

I have plenty of Army boots, but after being in the Army 32 years, I refuse to use the equipment after retirement.:58::58:

Big Lou
I have a pair of Redwing ridding boots, they look kind like the one's in DK's post above. I wear all the time riding or not They're good comfortable boots for riding what ever. I also got a pair Thorogood boots. I prefer a good leather boot with no steel toes. Although the steel is good protection, they get to hot when it's warm out and too cold when it's cold out.

Hardly what I'd consider sexy or preppy...:54:

But they do the job!

Don't get me wrong DK, these look functional. I am talking about the Bling Bling HD boots with all the flashy tabs "HD" all over them.

These boot atually gives you the extra protection due to the heigt of the boot, above the ankle.

Good point on the steal toe, I never noticed it before. Now you I'm going to start looking for cold or hot toes:unsure.

Big Lou
Got a pair of wolverine steel toe that work great in all weather, also have a pair of Carolina logger style that are great on hot days.
I prefure HD Boots, I tried Brand X and they seem to be less comfortable when I get off the bike and walk around the Harley Shop.