Blue ridge parkway

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    I am planing a trip down the Blue ridge parkway for the first week in August 2011.

    I have never made this ride before so I am seeking others experiences, what to see, not to see, funny stories, food, camping etc....

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks, I will definitely include that. Thanks.
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    I did it last summer and have one recommendation for you - get up early and do the majority of your riding before 2:00PM. Afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains are very common and because of the altitude and remoteness of the road, you are very exposed with nowhere to hide.
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    Rider, I rode the Parkway last October and used the sites like the ones below as a reference, so many great sites to see on the ride, I think I ended up with about 150 pictures.
    The weather changes quickly and gets a little chilly when the sun sets so dress accordingly. Have a great ride, I made my home base in Little Switzerland and Bryson City NC.

    Motorcycle Touring on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Motorcycle Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway by Motorcycle Cruiser magazine
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    What to see... what NOT to see???
    man that is one "loaded question".....You could stop at every lookout point, over the same vista and "see" something different, or you could look out over one, and have seen them all... purely subjective.
    We toured the Skyline Drive, and BRP, from end to end last year. I went with 5 very good, close friends, and we had a blast. Each took turns leading, and we stopped when the lead rider wanted to stop. Because thee were 5 leaders, we stopped at some very different places.... and while we've all been on every mile of the BRP, this was the first time we did an "End to end" on one ride.
    Blue Ridge Parkway - Home
    Blue Ridge Mountains - Lodging Vacations Travel Guide
    Blue Ridge Parkway (U.S. National Park Service)

    Are my top 3 BRP sites, but there are many more. You can order a vistors guide, and use that to plan around your daily routes.

    Weather on the Parkway is fickle... as noted, sudden downpours, will hit you, when there is no place to hide... carry rain gear, and put it on, if you event suspect rain.

    While one COULD speed... be careful... between the rangers, the wild life, and the tourists.... you just never know what lurks around the next bend.
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    The park rangers have very little in the way of a sense of humor toward speeding
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    During the week it's like having your own private highway, especially in the fall.

    I'd recommend getting off to do the Grandfather Mt trip - it's real close to the parkway and well worth the time - they give you a paper notice (AFTER you pay) that says the road is "dangerous" for motorcyles" - the switchbacks are 180 and there are lots of them. The first parking area is a little lower than the second and you can walk up from there if you feel like bailing early.

    Lots of wildlife crossing the road - had a pretty large bear do a "here I come" about 25ft in front of us - that was exciting.

    It's a great ride - you'll have a good time.
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    Monticello outside of Charlottesville Va is a nice side trip. About 30 miles off Skyline
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    My wife and I rode the Parkway in 2008, it was a great trip. Lots to see, take your time and enjoy, its a beautiful ride.