Bike cover on Ultra with tall radio/cb antenna's

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  1. trvlr

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    Got an Ultra w/ the stock long radio/cb antenna's. How do you go about putting a bike cover on this bike w/ these antenna's. I'm not seeing anything where you can bend/anchor, and I'm not sure how much bend you want to put on these....thanks
  2. trvlr

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    ah, now that makes the most sense Hobbit. I don't see getting a cover on w/o removing them, now that you mention. I'll need to make sure to have my allen wrench(s) w/ me.. appreciate the help -
  3. trvlr

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    not sure Hobbit. Know it has a set screw as the radio antenna got pulled out of the mount. Thot it had snapped off, but just got pulled out of mount. I'll check on that though. Thanks
  4. Ken47

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    I also think that Harley offers a cover with velcro type holes in it for the antenna's. Ken
  5. Breeze3at

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    My E.G.Classic has a set screw in addition to screwing on the mount. I guess it's to prevent someone swiping it. You could leave it off, or carry the tiny allen wrench in your windshield bag like I do. I only use my whip when I go on a long trip (have a fairing mount for local). Here's a tip to keep your whips out of the way of pedestrians when you are backed up to a sidewalk (I've seen them bent by passers by).
    Unlatch the front latch of tourpack and slip the ball of the antenna into the crack, then latch again. It keeps the whip in a nice arc that won't get in the way of people on the sidewalk. If you also have a cb whip, push it diagionally forward of the whip, then secure the whip like I mentioned. The whip will hold the cb antenna forward. EZ peezy.:p
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  6. Lancer

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    I used a soldering iron and melted a tiny hole where each antenna is.
  7. Iceman24

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    I'd recommend at least going w/the shorter antennas ($25/ea) and then cut a piece of small-diameter PVC pipe to slip over the whip. This is what I did & works great - I'm not home, but I think the PVC I used is 1/2" ID. Cheers!
  8. oldhippie

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    There are covers on the market with velcro opening for the antennas. My daughters bought me one for father's day last year. It works great and has no markings on it advertising what it covers. For all some know it could be a Gwing. I'll have to look to see who made it.

    Found it. Product name GEARS. This is the one I have.
    Gears Canada | Premium Motorcycle Cover
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  9. FIREDOG239

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    I bought the H-D cover and it has velcro opening for the antennas.:p
  10. trickydoc

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    I just bend mine forward, place the little ball ends in the gap where the driver backrest goes. I always cross them, left antenna to the right side and right antenna to the left. This will put a nice curve into the antennas and does no harm. It also holds the cover off the bike and helps water drain from the cover. I think if you remove your CB antenna with the allen screw it messes up your reception. I have been doing this way for 9 years not and no problems.