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  1. Sharky1948

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    My wife just took her first step to becoming a Harley rider. She bought a Kymco Sento 50 scooter (from our local HD dealer, believe it or not!) I'll be taking her out this afternoon (weather permitting) to do a home school version of the MSF course. She's excited and hoping that it will give her the confidence to begin moving into bigger machines as she gains experience. Regardless, I think it's fun that she wants to do something other than sit on the back!

    And, we need a third bike to add to the '07 Sporty and '09 RK (and the two cars.) Now to figure out how to make nice to the condo association since we're only supposed to have two vehicles. (Fortunately the husband of the association president rides an Ultra!)
  2. KingHeritage

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    Hey Sharky,lottsa luck to you and your wife.Ride safe and enjoy.
  3. glider

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    Good luck Sharky, give her some good instructions then hide the key to the RK:D
  4. Davidw2415

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    Good for you and your wife. A couple that plays together, stays together. Have fun, ride safe and be happy.
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    Awesome for sure! My wife told me years ago that she would not ever ride a bike and that was the end of it. She had the same feeling as many non riders such as riding is not safe, dangerous, out in the weather, wants to be around for grand babies, etc....

    Well, 12 years later, she's on her third Harley and after several wrecks, broken bones etc..., she still on the bike and has now moved up to a new Ultra Electra Glide which she hopes to ride for the first time soon once her rotator cuff heals up. (which is soon I may add.... so I gotta get the new chrome parts on and heated grips etc...installed!)

    What I'm saying is that give her some time, give good training, don't push her and she will do the rest. What ever you do, always be positive and supportive no matter what. You might end up with a real hard core rider on your hands. :D
    Ugly John
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    Sharky, my gal began the riding experience about 12 years ago, and was kinda' like what UJohn said about his wife in the beginning...eventually coaxed her to riding with me out back (boy, did I get a lot of howls of protest from my youngest daughter) just getting ready to go to UC Berkeley. Everyone eventually warmed up to it, along with both sides of our families but took about 5 years. She eventually found a 89 Honda 250cc at a garage sale, I tuned and serviced it and she rode it, as I proudly say "--the new leader of the pack" for another 5-7 years, now she wanted something smaller (just the opposite of what I expected) because she prefers to leave the piloting chores to me and use our 50cc "Power Ranger" as her bop around bike...! Bottom line, go slow and let her evolve to what she feels comfortable with as two wheeled sports is way of life..."Freedom to Choose"!

  7. fin_676

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    A few years ago wife bought me a box of bits and a frame for £30 when all assembled should make a 1981 Honda 125 an ideal learner bike for youngest daughter who wanted to learn to ride
    3 months later wife sticks head into shed said that looks really nice perhaps fancy learning to ride myself
    her birthday was 2 weeks later booked and paid for her cbt (compulsory basic training) had a couple of days delay on vehicle docs from dvla so wife had passed cbt by the time bike was ready for mot (ministry of transport road worthiness inspection)
    i was on BMW wife on Honda taking it for pre booked inspection 30 miles to nearest bike shop for inspection
    when waiting for mot to be completed walked round looking at bikes saw a really cute looking bike (883 Sportster)
    Honda passed mot and i went back 2 days later and bought Sportster
    wife loved it so had to buy her one as well had to make hers purple (refused to do pink) needed a compressor and couple of spray guns to do the job
    now I'm on a softail she is on a Dyna still have my Sportster if i need to spend money on a bike its always for her Dyna
    we do a lot of riding together and justifying the spend is easy as always for her

  8. Bud White

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    Good deal .. ive have tried to intrest mine into riding but seems that she wants to ride behind only
  9. pookibr

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    I used to only want to be on the back till hubby got his fatboy. Then I fell in love. Had to have one of my own. So glad I took the plunge and learned how to ride. I love it!!
  10. 01dynaglide

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    Good luck to her. Yall will enjoy riding together.