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  1. 09ultra

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    Just curious. What is the best item you bought for your ride and what is the worst money you have spent for your ride?

    Best for me was the 95" kit and the V&H Pro Pipes 2 into 1 on my 05 Deluxe. (which I no longer own).

    Worst? Well..... I dunno!!! I guess adding padding to a seat on a bike I sold a week later!
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  2. Lancer

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    Adjustable back rest followed by road pegs. Haven't bought any junk yet. (knock on wood) :)
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Best item that applies to all types of riding - Sundowner seat and Clearview recurve windshield

    Best for long rides - adjustable backrest and highway pegs

    I may change my mind on these after I install my new J&M speakers.

    Worst so far - the "cuff" thing for fueling, used it twice and both times was able to put a bunch more fuel in after it clicked off. It's advertised as filling you right to the top and then clicking off.
  4. whatyardwork

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    Three things imo you must have on one of the new bikes.An air cleaner upgrade,slip ons or true duels {not HD SE'S} and a tuner.To me these three items are realy 1 because they are useless without each other.For short money my Hogtune speeker upgrade was by far the best money spent.The worste..a detachable sissy bar, I dont like the looks of it on my scoot but once you let your old lady know you have it you'll never be able to take it off.
  5. sddurbin

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    Best money spent on my '08 FLHT was the automatic garage door opener! Sending unit hides inside my batwing, and with 2 flicks of the headlight switch, the door opens! No searching for key fobs, etc. Haven't had any really bad purchases, to date.

    Scott in IL-'08 FLHT( The Mistress)
  6. Mavagrand

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    Best was a sundowner seat for my 06 road king classic.
    worst was everything I bought for my 06 road kind classic because I got absolutely nothing for them when I traded for my 08 electra glide classic.

    CSMHOG Member

    Worst was the adjustable back rest on my '07 Electra Glide, never used it and hated it. Best of course is the Rush exhaust, race tuner and stage 1 on the '09 Ultra Classic.

    I also kept my leather dash pouches from the '07 but didn't like how they looked with the 6.5" dark smoke windshield on the Ultra so I installed the leather dash pad. Then I took apart the bracket that held the pouches and installed the two smaller ones on the covers of the lower leg fairings. I installed the middle larger one on the back tour truck to keep my night riding glasses in. Works great and looks even better!

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  8. Johan

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    I am shorter than average so on my RK SE Annevesary I had the seat custom modified to suit me and in the process retaining the original design insteet of putting a new seat on.
    Worst: Nothing(touch wood) yet; I am crazy about my bike!!!:D

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    About the fan thing *sorry* inquiring minds want to know... is it because it was so expensive for the amount of times you needed it or did not need it as the case may be...(i.e. NOT A PARADE KIND OF GUY) or it was just too much trouble to put on when actually needed and to take off (it does take away from the looks of the bike, and is rather UGLY in either case) and finally of course the million dollar question. Does it Work as Advertised? :wall
  10. Jammr

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    Happy to say, no worsts yet. Bests are the Hogtunes speakers, they rock! And the Howard's Horns dual air horns. They look great and at 130+ Db, the cages know I'm there. Hang up that cell phone honey, I'm coming through! :D