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Best Spouse Ever?


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My wife just called to say she was going over the Harley dealer to do a little Christmas shopping. At the end of the conversation she said, "heck, why don't you just come along and help place the order so that you get exactly what you want!" :)
I can't beat that but I can match it. In late September I bought a new Kawasaki Nomad. The dealership had shiny new bikes sitting on the showroom floor but no demo's that I could ride. Big mistake on my part when I signed the papers without a test ride. That bike is so top heavy that it felt like trying to balance a bowling ball on the tip of a pencil at low speeds. Okay, that's an exageration but it was bad. I felt like a rookie on the bike. To make matters worse, the thing only got about 35 mpg on the highway. It was less in city riding. The real bad part was that the rear seat had my wife hurting and squirming within the first hour of a ride. Now we are talking serious defect.

All my life I have wanted a Harley and talked myself out of it. Too expensive, not reliable, etc. I made the mistake of taking my wife to a Harley dealership and letting her sit on an Electra Glide. That night she asked me "Have I ever asked for anything big?" I had to admit that she hadn't. She replied "I want us to get that Harley!" What could I say? She sat on a FLHTC on Sunday. We signed the papers on Monday. We are deeper in debt. We are happy. That's all that matters.

John (Stormrider51)
Mine usually knows what I want better than I do :s
All she ever wants is another chunk of expensive rock!! :shock
That's a great story Stormrider! Great to have loving, supportive spouses, isn't it?!?! That's the biggest present of all the holiday season!
Nice to know there still around:) But when a guy grows up on the back of a Harley so to speak, its just in the sole and mind all your life after that! and no one can take that from a Man IMO.....I was lucky also with my x wife, she never even thought to tell me no and this is why!

I know you folks like PICS:D so this is a few of my Dad and me! Back in the Day! and my first oil change.....:bigsmiley12:
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Interesting wife rekindled the idea of a Harley in my mind too. She organized a big corporate event around a "Harley night" then pointed out a Sportster for sale poster in the supermarket. Sound like quite a few of us stumbled on "best spouses!" Fortunately, we each have our own best!