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Best Brand of Tires


I have used a couple of different tries in the past, Michelin, Dunlop and Bridgestone, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on what the best brand is, I'd like to stick with one. Price is not important.:cool:
I have always stuck with the Michelin brand so I'm not sure what kind of quality difference there is. I hope someone else may be of more help to you. Good Luck!
I like Metzler. One very important thing to remember is do NOT put different tires on each wheel, it can cause major riding problems and you could get seriously injured.
Hobbit is correct. He should get a prize! AVON is THE tire, hands down.:worthy
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Avon and Metzler are both good selections. It's a matter of previous experiences here and which you found to work better for you. The softer the compound, the shorter the tire life.
i run avon super venoms on back and a venom on the front handles great. i dont like the dunlop the 2 sets i had squared off reall quick in the rear also they got gouges real easily
I use Metzlers , even with their sky high prices they make a Harley ride like a motorcycle should, no wondering in curves no following rain or tire groves. and 3-4 times the mileage of Dumflops.
Avon make a real good tire but they are softer, which just means they hold a curve a little better but they also wear-out much quicker then Metzler ME880s.
Also seams funny to me that All Harleys leave the factory wearing Dumbflops and Michelin is the only other tire blessed by the MOCO, but the - All Harley Drag Racing Association - is sponsored by Metzler tires. Even the Top Fuel bike run Metzler front tires with mostly Goodyear rear slicks.
Different strokes for different Folks! I recommend the Metzler if you are looking for a longer lasting cruising Tyre. Dunlop Harley Tyres are good too but you get more milage out of the Metzler still. Want more grip? Go for the softer compound Tyre such as some of the Avon e.t.c
Choice is yours"
Cheers" Ray
I prefer Metzlers ME88 Marathon on back ME880 Marathon on front. Got good milage from them on my Flstf...But currently running dunlops on Flhtc.
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