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  1. hd4evr

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    All I seem to read about on forums is...................."Stage One.............what pipes do I need ?............What's the best set-up?................What's the best fuel processor?.........How loud are these slip-ons?, etc."

    My question is this....................Are there ANY benefits to just leaving your bike STOCK? Or is this something that absolutely SHOULD be done?
  2. glider

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    Less things to deal with is about the only benefit.

    The stage 1 upgrades just frees up the motor to run better but it costs $$$ to do.
  3. hd4evr

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    How many on here are running a STOCK bike?
  4. The4opps1

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    IMO there's nothing wrong with stock. Then again, there's nothing wrong with tweeking a machine for better performance. When I did the tensioner update on my '99 Ultra, I went with Andrews 26N cams. Why? Because they didn't cost me anymore than replacing my old style cams with newer style units. Did it make the bike a "screamer"? Hardly, but, there is a noticible increase in power and torque in the mid RPM ranges that I like. Will I ever go with headwork or more displacement? Probably not; my riding style just doesn't warrant it. Stock is fine if your happy with it.
  5. hd4evr

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    Most guys change the exhaust, etc. on a BRAND NEW bike before they even pick it up! They act like it's "expected" or something.
  6. R. Lewis

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    Benefits ---- not out the money it costs for the upgrades.

    SHOULD it be done ---- No. It's your scoot ,do what you will with it.

    Does it run "better" after the mentioned upgrades --- My personal experience , YES. I bought a brand new 07 Ultra in July of 07 and left it stock for over a year or better. Seemed to run good with no problems. I then added a set of V&H tapered slash-cut slips,a fuel managment system and the A/N Big Sucker AC -- Does it run better - You betcha!!!
  7. Hoople

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    As in PURE STOCK? I would not. I am HARDWARE wise stock, but not software wise stock.

    Hardware stock, yes that I could see. But after studying the advance curves and A/F ratio's,, I think you would agree, a "no" to that.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I DON'T run Stock, Owned many HD bikes over the years..... On my 09 FLHR right out the door from Harley, It Runs TOO lean/hot and damage can result over time.. I do a stage one to FREE-Up the motor to make it Last Longer and Run cooler.. I put on a oil cooler and do the full synthetic REDLINE oil products only (my choice).. By doing so I Have a Better Running bike and if YOU were to get on MY bike and ride it,,, YOU would wonder WHY your bike doesn't perform as well.

    YOUR bike YOUR choice...

    We here (Members) Just like you, Tell OUR stories and maybe it will help Others to do what THEY want to do to their bikes... Nobody is telling You Must do anything... Keep it stock if you want...

    Take from ME what you want and leave here what you Don't want....

    BUT i would BET You * my bike runs BETTER than ANY stock harley has to offer, Even AFTER their shop sets it with similar parts...

    We here (ME i know) TAKE PRIDE in our bikes and how they run,,, Only OFFER to help others and WE Are NOT paid to do so... Look at the number of post I have... are NOT just to tell you or others What you must do but """"suggest"""" and Freely answer questions...

    Like Smitty 901 says::: It is Your Bike, You decide..

    If you want the best for your Bike... your at the BEST site to ask ANY question.. Hope i can and did Help!

    signed....BUBBIE :D
  9. Hoople

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    I agree and I feel if their hands were not tied, you would probably see some of these mods right from the factory.

    This topic requires reading between the lines.

    BTW Bubbie, "It's Your Ride, You decide":p.. We don't want Smitty to get upset.
  10. tlyoungb

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    Mine is Stock. I have a 2005 Electra Glide Standard. The only thing I did to it was put a Oil Temp gauge, and Oil pressure gauge, Cruise Control, King Tour Pack, and Bag side rails. I do have a FI2000, and a K&N Air Filter. But everything else is stock. I got 63K on her now, and runs fine. Oh I did have the new front motor mount replaced. Seems to shake more, but really smooth on the highway.