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  1. bwalsh22

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    Does it matter between the 6V and the 12V models? I have to get one for my Dyna...soon (tried to allow people to buy this for me for Christmas), then I want to get one for my Father-in-law who has a Softail Custom.
  2. glider

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    Most everything now a days is the 12 volt variety. 6 volts are in limited usage in the older machinery.
  3. TQuentin1

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    I do not often recommend stuff and definitely not unless I have used it myself, but I have to second everyone above about the Battery Tender Junior from Deltran Corp. I have put one on my UC, and was impressed at what you get. Charging unit, two cable options - one with eyes to mount to the battery, and another with clamps to use adhoc, and instructions in English and French!! The "red" lead has an automotive style .75A fuse in-line, and the quick connect pig-tail has a cover when not in use! Check out info on the unit here: - Home of All Your Charging Needs Battery Tender Jr.

    You can see the MSRP is US$39.95, but I bought mine from Motorcycle Superstore - Motorcycle Accessories and Motorcycle Gear
    on sale for US$19.99 (now up to $29.99).

    I posted some picts here. Ran the pig-tail on the right side bag frame. Will tuck it in the leather fore-bag when not in use.

    This is a good little unit that will completely charge and then maintain a battery in the bike or on the shelf. I think those of us with baggers that have lots of electrical gadgets should invest in one. After parking the bike, just plug it in!!


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  4. whiterider

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    I disagree on a couple of points:
    Charging: While it is preferred to trickle charge for the good of the battery, fast charging will not generally do damage. What do you think your 20A alternator does when the battery is very low?!

    Jump starting: Jump starting off a car or truck is fine. The bike will only draw the amps required. Amps don't get pushed through because there's lots of them. Remember your HD has more cubic inches to turn over than a lot of Jap cars these days. If it was practical to put a bigger battery on a bike they would.
  5. R. Lewis

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    As far as jump starting -- YOU are saying it's OK to do so????? Just want to make sure here!!
  6. wildspirit97

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    I wouldn't hook jumpers from a car to a bike with the car engine running. A friend of mine fried his ECM on an 05 Heritage that way.
  7. whiterider

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    Yes. I've done it plenty of times. 12VDC is 12VDC. Circuits draw the current they require. For it to act as a fuse because of too much current then something would have to be drawing that current.

    Road side assistance don't trundle round with motorcycle batteries to start motorcycle.
  8. STEVE07

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    1.Even though a heavily optioned car has a 130 amp. alternator it has a regulator,which not only regulates voltage,but amperage as well,it's job is to feed just enough to the battery that is hooked to its system,so as not to do damage.2.When jump starting a vehicle let it charge slowly,then remove the cablesto start.if you put the cables on and immediatly try to start it you can blow many things.pProbably the first thing will be the rectifier bridge.If you have anything left turned on(electronic) you will probably damage that as well
  9. whiterider

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    1. How does it run your headlights then? Magic.

    2. more voodoo.
  10. STEVE07

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    No voodo,just common sense. I was taught this by an electrical wiz who just happens to own the shop that rebuilds starters and alternators for most of the reman.wholesalers.After 30yrs. if he doesn't know his stuff who does?