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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Batman03, Mar 30, 2013.

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    I have a 2007 Road King. I'm still using the same battery it was manufactured with. I didn't place a battery tender on it until 2 years after I purchased the bike. The tender is only connected once in awhile. I've had my mechanic test the battery and he said the numbers are all good. Even though it's starting, can I still be doing damage to the ECM, starter, regulator or some other electrical component on the bike since the battery is so old?
  2. mat 60

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    I dont think you have to worry about doing damage but I also think a 6 or 7 year old battery is getting up there in age..
  3. Jack Klarich

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    That is 6 years on an OEM battery, that is good, tho I would not push it much further IMO, and yes a failing battery will take its toll on the charging system and it will get harder to turn the engine over, it could fail with out notice, have you taken it out and had it load tested with a good carbon pile tester?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I use a tneder Full time now on my 06 sport 1200 R. going thru several batterys and stators(short Lived) because of SITTING without being a full charge kept. I also believe keeping it fully charged HELPS keep the charging system ALIVE for a longer time.

    Used to be without a tender on that bike and sitting for LONG peroids of time, a battery every two years was normal.

    Being hard to start when bat LOW, then when started, THE over Taxing on the alternator/regulator system DID cause many burnt out stators/regulators.
    (3 plus original) All I could figure out causing this was low and or shorted out batteries.

    Now the battery is kept full, easy starts and easy on the stator.
    It sits patiently waiting for me to take it out for a Putt...

    Tender= Battery having Long Life and showing UP full always:s.

    I used to believe that tenders caused battery problems. Now I believe the only reason that battery in my 06 stays alive is by being kept full and on the tender.

    My 09 King, Original battery, never on a tender, always ridden here in Az. enough to Not warrant a tender ??? Yes in My Book.

    Battery tested out GOOD a while back when I started having Hot Starting Issues.

    Knowing the answer to MY starting problem = original type of HD compensator still used (56,000 miles) and NEEDED to be changed out to a new stock replacement OR the SE comp.

    Not wanting the SE comp. (fretting issues) BUT finding HD no longer sells that origiinal compensator that was used on the 07 and up? bikes. They sell ONLY the SE comp as the replacement for original equipment.

    I really am surprised that my 09 King Original battery is still "Full to Go" BUT when they do "GO" from old age, it is seldom in front of a shop or your garage.

    I have been stranded out by a bad battery before where the Come Get Me Bill was much more than the new battery.

    I NEED to follow my OWN advice here... No Matter how good you think a battery is AFTER 4-5 years BUY a New One.

    Here in Az. and HOT, it is very hard on Batteries and charging system.

    I travel LONG rides and don't need problems from being $$ tight, short sighted, or some Might say Frugil.
    I don't want to get Stranded because of an OLD battery going south when out 300 miles from no-where.

    HD's WON'T run on No or a BAD shorted out battery. (.)

    That being said, Hmmm, wonder if mine will last the day out today...???

    Best to "Do as I suggest Not as I do".:newsmile106:

  5. gator508

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    You will see most people keep the tender on full time. My 08 is on the original battery and still going strong.
  6. Joe2007ultra

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    Will not cause damage , But like mentioned , Getting a little old and it will fail at the wrong place and the wrong time. Go with a new battery and tender it every time you come home full time.
  7. Bodeen

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    Congratulations! I wish I could get that out of one. As others have already said. No damage but borrowed time comes to mind.
  8. turnup

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    Guess That I sort of pushed it a bit on my '04 sporty. Just replaced the original and it had an '03 date stamped on it. Been good for over 60,000 miles. Figured good luck can only last so long till it turns into bad luck.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    When I bought my 97 FXDS (from new), they came out with a gel battery as stock in that bike. (so I remember).

    I sold that bike and the new owner got a 50$ discount for that old battery
    (4 yrs battery by date made,,, 3+ yrs. in bike).

    I asked him from time to time "How's the battery holding out" That battery went on for another 5 years. I could hardly believe it...

    (9 years old+ when he did replace it and said it was always on a tender AFTER he bought the bike from me) No tender for the first 4 years I owned that bike.

    I doubt he replaced it and never told me.

    When he did sell the bike, I did ask him for the 50$ back.........:bigsmiley5:

    no luck there....

  10. Batman03

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    Thanks to every member that replied to my post. I've heard a company named "Deka" makes the OEM batteries for H-D. Is this true? I assume you can purchase them online directly from Deka? I have never seen "Deka" in a store. Since I've had good luck with the OEM, and the Deka is the samething, why pay more money for an OEM H-D battery? Who has experience with a "Deka?"