Battery Operated String Trimmer

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Webbtron, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Webbtron

    Webbtron Banned

    Thought I'd ask the smartest guys I know for feedback on Battery lawn trimmers. I don't need a brush hog just cutting Kentucky Blue Grass at the sidewalk.
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Battery powered ones to me a bit under powered, I like my Black and Decker BV2500 it is corded but mulches leaves and has a blower too:s
  3. fin_676

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    I have never thought about a cordless strimmer as we would call them here the mains ones would have a wee bit more power and be always ready if you have enough cable length
    having a quick look on line the lower priced ones use nicad batteries and in the past they had to be fully discharged before they could be recharged or they would develop a memory of being discharged when they were 3/4 charged however technology may have changed over the years
    the more expensive cordless strimmers use lithium ion batteries which are lighter and tend to hold a better charge and can be recharged from any state of charge and tend to charge quicker
    Although i am no expert on this sort of stuff those are my thoughts

  4. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Have to say I used to get the cheap/WalMart electric trimmers & over a few years of them losing power & breaking I knew it was $$$ well spent to invest in decent gas trimmer. Got a Echo (Home Depot sells them) and after 7-years of use it still chews grass like a band of crazy sheep. Definitely look into the cost of gas vs. electric & you'll see it's a tad more, but cheaper in long run need to recharge, or drag cords...
  5. Webbtron

    Webbtron Banned

    Well, all my stuff is Craftsman and I have a gas trimmer it just doesn't start as easy as I'd like. What started all this is my Brother said his was useful. Some how I never got the brand name, but will check into it. Thanks to all for lending a thought.
  6. gasbag

    gasbag Active Member

    I have a Black and Decker 18 volt trimmer. I actually like the little thing. It does work better than I expected.
    I have 1/2 an acre fully grassed and I use it to trim the edges, around the walkways and septic lids.
    The head can rotate 90 degrees so you can vertically trim walkway edges etc.
    It works fine for what I use it for. I paid around $60 for it.

    If you need a weed whacker, don't buy one. It works great for my purposes but it will not cut down heavy weeds.
    I also bought an extra battery in case it takes longer than expected.
    I can usually do the entire yard on one battery.
    The extra line spools are cheap and very easy to replace. They just pop in.
    One thing I do not miss is mixing gas, pouring and spilling gas and coming in from outside smelling like exhaust fumes when I am done.:D

    Black and Decker also makes a 24 volt model but it is more expensive.
  7. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    FYI, Echo has an option on their trimmers on the recoil called "easy-start" and my Mother-in-Law bought this one (same as mine, but different recoil) can start it w/one finger...seriously...

    I didn't need this option...yet. :s
  8. FerrousBueller

    FerrousBueller Junior Member

    I would go with a gas powered unit. Cheaper and easier to modify all the way through Stage 4. I don't know if Dobeck has any fuelers for them yet.
  9. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Much as I hate to say this, you can find all your major brands @ Sears now, including Black and Decker, Register for shop your way rewards then you will get discounts, They are ANGRY @ me now and I am having a hard time finding info on friends and family nights but I will continue to check:s
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    Too funny!!!