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Bad Day For Me

Well, it's not if, Its when....:cry
I think all darn car/truck and MINI-VAN drivers should take a motor cycle riders course! This may open their eyes to all of us out there on the road and just maybe understand what it is like. "LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE" . She did not look at all! i did have a few choice words for her and i guess that is why she got back in the van and locked her doors.:52:
I was sitting at a light, lady in mini-van behind me, right on my fender. I turned around twice to make eye contact with her and rolled a little forward to get some air between us. Well the turn arrow turns green and yup she slams right into the back of me!:swoon. I was in first and tryed to motor out of the way but she must have had her foot flat on the floor! Well damged fender,busted tail light and fender marker light twisted. She says "it's only a bike" ok.. it's only my foot in your...BUTT!
I was not injured but making the call to the wife was going to hurt!
I do not meen to run on but all you guys and girls would understand the feeling of this. nice weekend here and the bike is at the dealer.
Thank you for letting me vent.
Main thing is that you weren't injured.
As far as the soccer mom, she needs to learn how to drive properly. Too many people driving with their head someplace else.
Hope you exchanged info.
Thank you Glider, That is what my wife said, thank god I was not injured
I called the police, I wanted a report and have her sited for her lack of attention. She received 2 tickets. Then she tried to tell me she is "great" freinds with the people who own the dealer that I bought the bike from and she will call them. I said no, call your insurance company becouse I will be calling them when i get to the dealer. I could care-less if she new the president!
Funny you say soccer mom, I looked on the back of her van and guess what? SOCCER MOM ON BOARD! That says it all:wall
You handled it perfectly. Some people after they leave the scene have a habit of changing the story of how it happened, like you backed into her or some story off the top of her head, seen it happen.

Good she got the tickets too. Maybe it will wake her up.
I have already given my statment to her insurance company, word for word. It will match the officer's report.
Best of all, when the officer walked up she says "Its my fault, I ran right into the back of him, I was not paying attention"
She tryed to changer her tune once she saw the officer had tickets in his hand for her to sign, she went crazy and asked why she was getting them. The officer looked at her and said "are you kidding me" sign here!
Good news is I can ride it till the parts come in and then get her back to normal and I am fine.
Glad to hear you were not injured. (And a bit of a blessing that the bike can be ridden!) As a new rider, my personal observation is that there is on average on idiot move to deal with on each ride. (Today was no exception.)

Your story reminds me of what happened to one of my son's bicycling friends. A soccer mom in a van turned across his lane and he slammed into the side. She didn't even realize someone had hit her. He had to chase her down to get the insurance info. When he told her what happened, she said "I can't believe it! That's the second time I've done that!"

Anyhow, once again, I'm very happy it was a fender and not a leg or worse!!
Thanks to all of you guys! :s
As I have had a few hours (beers too!) to think about this, you are all correct, the bike can be fixed, humans take alot longer. It could always been much more...Me getting hurt.
Hopefully this women will pay more attention to us riders out there, but then again I would not count on it.
My wife wanted to come there (2 miles from the house) and give her a butt kicking, but thank god it was handled pretty quick and I advised her to leave before she got there.
Thanks again guys :D
One thing i forgot to add was the wife was going to go for a ride with me but changed her mind and stayed back at the house. GOOD CHOICE! on her part. I would never get her on the back again! or would have to bail her out!
Thanks RBG.
I did call her every name in the book and I think I made up a few along the way! I should have asked her for her dumb A@# card so I could put a few punchs in it for her.:rofl
It would have been fun to see the wife kick some soccer moms tail but it would have made it a very long night in the Gwinnett County jail for her.:yes
Glad you were able to stay clear of the idiots today, must have been something in the air today or just a bunch of air between their ears! :rofl
Thanks Gary,
Glad YOU are ok. It is amazing how these people can stand on their feet and talk and walk. let alone put them behind the wheel and they think they are in a tank and own the road.
What gets me is the signs you see on the side of the road that say "Share the Road" and show the pic of a bicycle. They/We need to come up with one for motorcycles "Pull your head out of your a%$ attention!":yes