Bad, but could have been worse...

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  1. Ace84

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    So I've only had my Road King since Wednesday and it's a 2000. It was clean, no dents, no scratches. Coming home last night and a cage hits a piece of 2x4 in the road and the tires flung it back at me. Hit the fender, bounced up and whacked the windshield. Luckily there is only a small dent in the fender. No other damage, but seeing a 2x4 flying at me at about 45mph certainly was no fun. Glad I had the windshield and didn't get hit in the face lol
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    You are very fortunate. It sounds like you made the correct decision and not try to avoid it.
  3. kemo

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    My brother was a new rider, we were out for a maiden ride following a pick up truck when a gust of wind catches a sheet of plywood and blows it out of the truck towards my brother. It misses him but that was the end of his riding. Not a very long riding career.
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    Thanks, but I'm not sure I can take much credit lol It happened so fast there wasn't any time to move. New respect for my windshield though for sure.

    Wow, hate to hear he quit riding, but I know people who have been in similar situations. I have a friend who refuses to get on the interstate. He had something like that happen and it barely missed his helmet. He never understood that it's still gonna hurt at 55mph too!
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    WOW...that is quite the experience!!! hard to say what a person does in that situation until you are in it, glad to hear what you did was the right thing.

    wishing you safe riding
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    I know it's not the preferred way to break in a new-to-you bike, but glad all is well. The dent can probably be fixed, depending on size, rather easily. Might want to take it into one of the places that works on hail/dent repairs...they could try the dry ice trick..??
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    Sorry to hear about the fender and good thing nothing else was hurt. A few years back I was riding on the interstate in the rain, when I was passing a truck towing a boat. The truck and trailer hit a groove in the road with A LOT of water. The whole wave of the water hit me right in the chest. Talk about an eye opener, no windshield to help block it. I could only imagine a solid object flying at you.
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    Thanks everyone. Iceman, it's a pretty small dent so it should pop right out. Like I said it could have been alot worse.

    Mtmasean, I know that had to (EDIT) ! I think after this I'm going to eventually swap to a fairing. I like the style better and I want something in front of me all the time now. 2x4 to the face is a life experience I'll pass on!

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    You walked away from it.....on a scoot, that's the best that usually happens....:s
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    that´s rigth man..................thanks God you are all rigth...........and alive to tell the can be fixed!!!!! were so lucky.............most of the bikers in CR aren´t , in this kind of situations..............................................