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Assembling the front end on a 2006 Street Bob

Trying out mirrors for the drag bars. A little further out should be just right. I can see my forearms and elbows with these, so I am going with some other mirrors, yet undecided:


I'll use these modern OEM stock Harley mirrors - for now. These will be good, and get the bike back on the road. I can see very well out of these. I'll probably experiment with a different set later on - something a little more old school looking.

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I found these Joker Machine bar end mirrors and open end grips in a box of older parts. I'm definitely using these! The rearview is 100% clear with these, and although they are small mirrors, the mirrors are convex, so the view is large. I have these same type/size of bar end mirrors on a Kawasaki ZRX1200, and I see awesome out of them. At full turn, they clear the tank by at least 3 inches, so no worries there.

Currently, I'm cleaning and polishing the OEM stock front fender while I wait on parts - going to install the front fender next.