Asprin can save your life

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  1. Spade5

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    I have no medical credentials but after reading the very informative posts 0n heat stroke thought I would share a true event with you.

    I have a male friend, early 50's, good shape, cholesterol good about 160, stress test less than a year ago - everything looked fine. Started feeling bad one night thinking indigestion or something. His wife called 911 and based on the symptons, they told her to give him 4 asprin.

    Once he got to the hospital, they found nearly 100% blockage in a heart artery and were able to fix it with a stint. The doctor told the wife that they call this type of heart attack the widow maker and that the asprin most likely saved his life by allowing more blood to flow past the blockage.

    Now my wife makes me keep a bottle on the night stand and I am thinking about carrying some when I ride. It doesn't cost much and it could help you or someone else.
  2. glenalt

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    I'm gonna turn 60 in October and about 2 years ago my doctor started me on one aspirin a day. I'm in good health, bp 118/73 with cholesterol at 180 or below.

    Aspirin are great is you suspect a stroke too.

    Not a Dr. either.
  3. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I'm 47 and in decent health, cholesterol, bp, and now my weight is within the normal range, my doctor told me that a baby aspirin a day would be a good thing to do.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    I use garlic and fish oil along with aspirin, The saw bones says I have awesome blood work every year hope it helps some one else:s
  5. DDogg

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    I'm 57 and in pretty good health. My neighbor suffered a heart attach last summer cutting his lawn. His daughter being a nurse gave him two asprins and called 911. Like this post, he lived. Doctor told him if she didn't give him the asprin, he wouldn't be here. I keep a bottle handy too.
  6. ballpeen

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    Thanks for sharing this, I guess I didnt really realize that it could save your life,, but makes complete sense. In fact Im going in soon for tests due to chest pains I have on and off myself, Ride Safe TIm
  7. sharpscuba

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    I have had a massive heart attack. I had both of the widow makers(left and right lower artery's) totally blocked and if not for quick thinking on the wife's part would not be here today. I carry Nitro and asprin in the left pocket and everyone I share time with knows that it is there. As they say ...don't leave home without it.
  8. Jim B.

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    I wouldn't take an aspirin for a suspected stroke. Strokes come in two flavors. One is caused by a blocked vessel and one is caused by a bleeding vessel. While the aspirin may help with the blocked vessel, it can cause a bleeding vessel to hemorrhage more thereby causing more damage. Since you can't tell what kind of stroke you are having without tests, getting yourself to the hospital ASAP would be the best course of action.
  9. robermv32

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    I love this thread. My father worked in a chemical plant making aspirin for 30 years. He used to bring home the rejected tablets, (cracked, chipped or misstamped lettering) this was in the late 50 through his retirement in the 80's. We as kids were always told that an aspirin a day was good for us. So, we've been doing it for 40 years or so. No health issues and I'll turn 61 in August. One word of caution though, if you have a sensitive stomach, don't use the adult aspirins, go with the childrens dosage, it's milder but still effective
  10. Jim B.

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    Not only can aspirin cause bleeding of the stomach, but it can also bring on an asthma attack in asthmatics. Always consult with your doctor before starting an aspirin regimen.