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Worth the money? Harley wants 300+ for one . Do they make ride comfy as they say? Been told if i ride with one i would not ride without it. :D
I think they are worth it especially on long trips on the highway. Less fatique. Plus, you can always take it off when you feel you don't need it.:bigsmiley8:
I had a Dyna convertible sold to me without screen. I purchased the screen 2 months later. Brilliant.....Without it felt like after a while my arms were getting longer.
Worth every penny I think.
It's amazing just how much more enjoyable a ride is with a windshield. I bought a bike years back (about 6 bikes ago) and it had a windshield on it that was a quick detach unit. It was the first bike with a shield that I had owned. I have had a windshield on every bike since.
After riding, your arms and back don't feel fatigued because of the windshield and fighting the wind in your face.
I rode with out a windshield briefly, after I put the windshield on, I couldn't believe how much easier it was to ride and how much further I could ride with out the fatigue. JMO. I do have the detachable windshield but I never seem to take it off.
My last two bikes had farings and I won't ride without one. We have a lot of bugs in Louisiana, right now dragonflys. I hate it when you get hit in the face with one of them.
I won't ride without it, unless I'm cruising around town under 40 mph. It comes off so fast, it's worth it.
Well I took my windshield off ..Then I ask myself a question...The question was something like " What the heck kind of idiot am I "....only went about 20 miles. I couldn't even breath very easy...I am a old guy also so its definitely more comfortable.Even my wife said she though she was gonna blow right off the back....Hmmmmmmm never mind my thought are only kidding....:s
I'm riding with my first windshield now, actually a batwing fairing and windshield, and love it. All the points listed above are true, it made last weekends cruise from OKC to Dallas much more enjoyable especially since it was pretty chilly when I left. I'm now a complete fan of baggers and windshields.
I like the quick release HD shield. Pop it off for the local jaunts at lower speeds,, but got to have it for interstate, higher speeds and inclimate weather. Eating bugs, sand in your face and impacts of who knows what don't make you more manly or more of a biker because 60% more wind is on you. To me, my bike looks it's best with solo seat and no windscreen,, but forget pretty when I hit the road, I'm out to enjoy the ride not profile for the public.:bigsmiley17: