Appreciate your HD tech???

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by dogdad, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I have to admit that I have never really worked on most of my trucks, cars, motorized equipment like lawnmowers and the like. And of course I really haven't fooled with my Road king to much either. But lately , I have wanted to change my oil and brakes , simple things, to my bike, so I bought a service manual to try and do some of these little jobs. Along with my service manual, I have my HD Master Tech at the HD dealership that I get info from. mainly it's just simple questions that I ask him, but he always leads me right. For example, he's the one that told me to use hot water to clean the blue film off my new whitewalls, leave my bike on the jiffy stand to change my oil, and quit using the front of my foot to put my bike in neutral, as I had a hard time doing it. Instead he says , tap the rear heel shifter down to put it in neutral,,, and wow,, he was right on, makes it real easy. Now to most of you this doesn't mean much, but to me it's a lot. It's made the small things simpler. JMO PS...I told him the other day I appreciate his help,,I'm sure he appreciates hearing it.
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    I think it's the same with anything, do it enough times and you get good at it. From the guy who cuts you open to repair your insides to the guy who takes apart bikes and repairs them. Practice makes perfect.

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    Nothing wrong with having a good relationship with your HD dealer mechanic. I think a lot of members would probably wish for when having a rough go of things. Have to say having found HDTimeline when I needed help was really a satisfying experience that gets better every time I log in...:D
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    Amen brother!!!!
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    A good relationship @ the dealer with salesman, back shop manager and tech is a big plus, being a member here@ H D TALKING PRICELESS:s
  6. geezer

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    That's the same order as I use, HDT far ahead of the other 2.
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    I,m a service person myself and it's really nice when someone tells you that you helped.
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    In todays society I have noticed that people seem to be looking for something to complain about. If you get some good advice or service be sure to let the person know how much you appreciate it. On this forum there are so many people trying to help it is sometimes very hard to thank everyone. So let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who have been so helpful to me.
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    Hard to find a good service tech who's willing to shell out free information especially when dealership owners are pressing them hard to increase service revenues. On the other hand the easiest thing in motorcycling is logging on to HDTimeline and get not one but numerous educated, experienced, and ingenious helpful leads.
    Because of this forum I just did new brakes front and and back plus the clutch adjustment from the primary rather than just cable only.

    Thanks HDTimeline!!!
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    After reading some comments to my post, I hope I didn't step the wrong way. I'm not taking anything away at all from HD Talking. I log on here all the time when I need answers or "self help" information. It's # 1 to me and quite a few here. I was just stating that it's great to be able to go to a HD tech directly and ask questions and get wonderful and useful information. I don't think everyone has this available to them.