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Anyone else out there still riding?

Today is Dec 19. It was in the mid forties with a little rain. I didn't see any other bikers out on the roads today except for one crotch rocket. Come on guys it is getting a little wintery but there is still some good riding out there, just wear your thermal underwear!
Amen Hobbit
We had ice and rain here in PA. Snowplows over did the salt but is suppose to rain this weekend so the salt should be gone. Back to riding Ride Safe Doug
Before retiring I rode to/from work so long as the roads were dry. Now that I am retired, I ride if the temp is 40F. or above and the roads are dry.
Yep, everyday to and from work. Although mid-30's and rain was really raw last week, its all good!
Well, let's's currently 64 degrees with clear skies and only a light wind. I had my first problem with the FLHTC this morning. I was out running errands before opening my shop and that bull-headed hog kept wanting to head out the highway for the Hill Country. I managed to fight it down and regain control. Who knows where that snortin' beast would have taken me otherwise. Oh well, the weekend is supposed to be nice too.

Weather here is similar to stormriders. Beautiful for riding!

I've been riding to work almost daily. There were a few wet days, and some really cold mornings I wussed out and took the truck.
32 here this am getting ready to head off to work 40 miles 1 way wouldn't think of not riding the bike. Sure it's cold by the time I get there but wouldn't think of not riding my baby!! Can't stand the wifes cage absolutly hate it when she makes me take it somewhere, I actually look forward to work because I know there is no cage in my future that day.
I wish I could go for a long ride, the cold don't really bother me, its the sand they put on the roads to help cars with traction.
I just got my new baby (to me) wensday, I only had to ride it about one mile to get her home and the backend got a little loose and scared the crap out of me,:52: so I putter the rest of the way home and just stared at it in the garage.:D
Thats the good thing about living in Arizona if you don't mind the summer HEAT you can ride year round