Anybody use these ?

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  1. R_W_B

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    I saw these fast lock helmet clipons in an email flyer from J&P. They look real convenient when you're in a hurry or just don't want to fool with the D-ring.

    But I'm wondering how they feel on your chin ?

    And if they are strong and won't bust loose on impact. Says they are DOT approved.

    Sell for bout $6 each.

    Anybody have experience with these ?

    Fast Hook for Helmets | 132-660 | JP Cycles
  2. Jack Klarich

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    A lot of cheap helmets have these, when we had the helmet law here in Fl I had that set up it was pretty easy on and off and did not bother my chin, tho I would not trust them in a crash JMO
  3. tunacan

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    I've used these on my helmets for years. I buy a new one for every helmet. My girl uses one as well and loves the convenience.

    They do not ride on your chin as they cinch on the D-ring and rest on your jaw line (between your ear and jawbone) normally not touching your face.

    I have not seen any data regarding crash testing, however I don't feel at risk when the clipons are in place.

    You can install the adjusting piece backwards and it will allow slippage with the strap until that condition is correct. This was caused by USER ERROR not reading the directions and looking at the pictures. OOPS!!
  4. Jennmarr

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    My wife and I have used something very similar for several years. I thinks ours came from Dennis Kirk instead of JP. I crash tested one back in '07. It did not come loose. The EMTs had to remove my helmet and they cut the strap.
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    I had one for my last helmet. I liked the convenience of it and it didn't feel any different on my chin. I recently got a new helmet and haven't put it on but think about how nice it would be if I put it on because it does save time. I'm also not so sure of how they preform in an accident.
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    +2 on the metal clip. Here's my thoughts:

    Makes putting the helmet on very convenient.
    Easier to fasten strap with gloves on than the D-rings.
    Easy to remove helmet at end of ride.
    No effect on comfort level.

    Design of the clasp can make it difficult to insert the male connector into the female half.
    May be difficult to secure the tag end of the strap to keep it from flapping in the breeze without tightening the strap to an uncomfortable level.
    Uncertainty of how it will hold up in a crash situation.
  9. horizonchaser

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    I have the Echo Quick Release. I don't like it at all. I thought it would be a snap to put on my helmet but it actually takes me longer. It is a frustrating pain to put on. Like I have highlighted above, it is very difficult to align the tabs to lock together. Maybe it's just me with my arthritic hands of late but I have left them on and reverted to the time honored D Ring method where I can snug it up real good. There isn't an issue with the tag end flopping around because i have the Scorpion helmet and the tag end snaps onto the side of the helmet so it doesn't flap in the wind.
    Others don't seem to have a problem but to me, it was more trouble than it was worth! :(
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    Don't know if I'd put my skull's safety on the line for a $7 pierce of plastic...JMO. Now the metal piece seems better, but still another cheap part that might not be tested in crash/impact stress situations.