Another Dealer Closing

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Blue Wide Glide, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Blue Wide Glide

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    Crete Harley in Crete Illinois is closing October the 15th 2010. They told me that Harley Davidson decided to "retire" the dealership. This is probably the best dealership in the area, and it will be sorely missed.
  2. ultrat

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    Sad when a GOOD dealership closes..
  3. trike lady

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    This is sad news to read. Yes, a lot of good dealers are getting the ax. When I was living in Pasco County we lost the Lehman Trike dealer and a number of smaller bike shops plus a couple of metric dealerships. So far only three are left in the area.
  4. dbmg

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    Probably like the auto dealers. Harley will tighten up some slack by not having as much idle inventory sitting in a store. This maybe part of the reason why Harley is closing some stores. Remember when Harley closed all the Mom and Pop stores to have these big boutique stores by all the big interstates years ago. There are a couple dealers around here that has closed also.
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  6. 09RGlideKY

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    This article irritated me. I had to make a couple comments on the site.

    "I have rode all kinds of metric bikes and Harleys over the years. The latest Metric I owned was a 08 Hayabusa and Kawi Concours. While they were both fun bikes they were not cheap. They were also more to maintain. I don't have to remove the fairing on my Harley to change the oil filter nor do I have to adjust 16 valves ...every 15000 miles. There is no radiator they are simple and reliable bikes. Plus they I love riding one. I always felt the need for speed on the was a ticket waiting."
  7. rklew

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    So Harley is the way to go. :)
    To bad to hear of the closings, I know we had 2 within 25 miles of me.
  8. sprinklerfitter669

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    that article was wrote by somebody that stereotypes people for a living, tommorow it will probably be a another person they are jealous of :s
  9. Jack Klarich

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    I just read the article LOL I have trouble throwing a leg over my bike @ 58 it dont stop me from riding, if HD wants to survive they need to target the younger crowd they already have the loyalty of the older crowd JMO
  10. trike lady

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    Harley needs to focus on more trike models, we are all getting older. There are other target groups they need to go after those who have the desire to ride but could benefit from a trike. Those teetering on quiting after X number of years and those who want something different. Trikes are diffrerent. The younger (sportbike) generation if they survive and mature, they'll be the future buyers. It's best to concentrate on those with the income for the high $$$ bikes and trikes.