Am I crazy? 2 up Touring on a Dyna

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by cdn-bigfoot, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. cdn-bigfoot

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    I went on a 1 week solo 4000 km camping trip on my 2006 Streetbob last year and travelled longer distances on it before.
    This year I am bringing my wife along for 2 weeks. Yes we plan on camping a good part of the trip. I have upgraded my Rear shocks to Progressive Suspension 440's and the fork springs are new Progressive suspension. I also put new Lyndall Racing Gold plus brake pads front and back. I service my bike myself with Top of the line full synthetics regularly. My bike is full stage one and runs great. My saddlebags are smallish leather bags and I have a Kuryakin Grantour trunk on a rack behind the med high sissybar. The 2 up seat is comfortable enough for the 2 or us. I have a med high windshield that allows some wind in my face and creates a little buffeting because of wind coming off my legs on the forward controls. I also have wired the bike with a power outlet for my GPS and phone charger.
    This photo is from my solo trip from Phoenix, AZ to Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

    A friend has agreed to take my tent and sleeping pads in his bike pulled trailer.

    Am I missing something? Am I crazy?
    Maybe this trip will convince her and me to get a bagger.
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    You may have answered your own question about a bagger. The saying says someday you will own a bagger. If you think of the bikes available for touring 30 years ago we have it made today. I hope your riding partner is understanding as your distance may not be equal to his. So take your time and enjoy trip and by the time you get home you will know what you need to do....:s
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    Not crazy at all, what you're are planning and how you've gone about preparing make a lot of sense.

    All we need now are your itinerary and at the end, photos.
  4. cdn-bigfoot

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    Edmonton AB>Jasper AB>Kamloops BC>Pemberton BC>Whistler BC>ferry to Nanimo on Vancouver Island>Tofino BC>Victoria BC >ferry to Port Angeles WA>Olympia Coast WA>Portland OR>Yakima WA>Wenatchee WA>Spokane WA> Kettle Falls WA>Osoyoos BC> Kelowna BC>Golden BC> Edmonton AB.

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    I would do it in an instant, you will have a great time with the amount of planning you have done. I have traveled cross country, two up on everything from a sportbike (with one backpack), to a stripped chopper with nothing. I found taking one change of clothes, buying tshirts at bike shops and mailing dirty clothes home works great.
    I sleep on a bedroll, actually a horse saddle blanket.
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    Love it!
  7. Dswartz

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    Not crazy at all, in fact I'm jealous I cant convince my better half to do the same with me. Just because you ride a Dyna doesn't mean you cant go on long trips. It's powered by the same motor that runs the touring bikes and it will go all day long. The only difference is in comfort and depending on your age that factor can be irrelevant as well. There's nothing wrong with a little pain once in a while. Ride safe.
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    crazy is good. show us some pics when you get back.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    YOU NUTS,,, asking this crowd about Taking a TRIP... Man You've got it Down... Any bike for that trip... I had a FXDS 2000 and my wife and I did a lot of riding..Full bags and a Big zip-out T bag on the back luggage rack... The last trip on the Dyna , had a V. Reg go out so We rode home out of oregon with a new 09 FLHR..

    Never know when it will happen but it will:D

    Now, I really DO miss the dyna.. Great rides and It did the Job Very well..

    Nothing Finna than a Dyna:newsmile011:

    Go get 'em Bigfoot..

  10. Hoople

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    Do the math against the load rating of the rear tire. I was amazed how quickly you can exceed what is considered safe.

    I sure hope She does not see this, but my better half has a little "junk in the trunk" which required me to have a load index number of 79 on the rear tire. Especially in your case with a 2500 mile trip and possible sustained higher speeds.