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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by injunwil, May 3, 2010.

  1. injunwil

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    i recently bought a bike that had been sitting, for quite some time. i had to have the carb cleaned and now that i've ran a few tanks through it, it runs like a champ.

    here's my dilema - i need a new air filter, mine has several small holes in it. none of them are larger than a match head, but neither is a grain of sand.

    of of the parts guys told me not to stress it, that he's seen people run with alot worse filters. however, i've always heard that as little as TWO properly placed grains of sand can wreak havoc on cylinder walls.

    my driveway is a hundred yards of str8 sand. just from going to and from my garage, i've found a light layer of sand all over the bike (tank, jugs, everything).

    the other parts guy told me he would be very careful and IF he was me and wanted to ride the bike, he'd push it out to the paved road and start it there. also, he'd shut it off, at my gate, and push it to the garage.

    my question - i REALLY REALLY wanna take the bike out, tonight, and it's looking like another 10 days before i get the filter. if i push it from the shop to the paved road (and back, when returning), am i putting myself in significant risk of engine damage or excess wear causing lack of performance?

    thanks guy.
  2. Gator454

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    IMO I would go and get a new filter, protect your investment!
  3. Hoople

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    I would not do it to a rental bike... Hopefully it has not been used much with the air cleaner the way it is.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I would go with a little duct tape over the holes Unless too many THEN Drive for a new air filter!,,,, I wouldn't miss out on a ride.... and If you can put down a narrow layer of harder surface to ride the bike on.... Thats my way. Just can't stand dusty dirt!

  5. 02EGlide

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    I would ride to a shop and put the new filter on there and continue riding. Why is it going to take so long to get a new filter?
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Its not just dust and dirt from a drive way its everywhere, and given enough time yes you will do internal damage you should be able to get a filter most any where, try advance auto for a K&N filter and a recharge kit money well spent:)
  7. injunwil

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    "almost anywhere" must be the name of a town in a different state :D

    i've called FOUR different dealerships, i was willing to travel up to 2 hours (one way) to get one. the (oem) is on backorder, EVERYWHERE (well, everywhere within driving distance to me).

    i couldn't take it, last night, and took it out for a short one. however, after reading how much everyone says it's a HORRIBLE idea, i guess i'll just have to tough it out and wait the 10 days :(

    here's the crazy part - i just now got my title and tag. until a few days ago, i had been riding on a tag registered to the previous owner that expired TWO YEARS ago. it was really un-nerving. so, when i finally got a str8 tag, i figured it was time to really rack some miles up...... nope :(
  8. Hoople

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    It's not a Horrible idea to do if your engine is already shot. :p

    Air filters are on backordered. That's the 1st time I have heard of any part being on backorder and temporarily unavailable.

    You could always take some air cleaner foam, hit it with some oil and stuff it in your air cleaner box.
    That would work in a pinch.
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  9. Jack Klarich

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    In a bind in Sturgis one year we used some pantyhose and rubber binders round the carb worked pretty good :p
  10. fin_676

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    I bought a motto guzzi le mans in 1980 brand new from the factory it came with bell mouths they had a wire mesh over the end just about enough to stop small children from being sucked in
    Although the bike worked well for the ten years i had it i was always a wee bit worried that there was no air filter