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I am in search of an aftermarket passenger and rider seat for my 07 softail deluxe. I know of corbin and mustang seats but I would like some feedback from people on comfort and style of different models.
I had a corbin seat on an old bike it was pretty hard. Kind of like sitting in a tractor seat. Not uncomfortable but still hard. Many people have recomended the Mustang seat.
I have a Corbin Gunfighter and Lady seat on my Fatboy. It is a little hard at first. After a while it does seem to mold to your behind a little better. It is supposed to be firm though. I have made several rides of 7-8 hours a day and my butt never gets sore. Same for my wife.

So at first, it does not feel as plush as some of the seats, but it really works well.

The only problem I had was that the factory sissy bar and pad did not work well for my wife. The seat makes her sit up pretty straight and the Harley sissy bar was leaned back too far, so it was uncomfortable for her to use. I got the Corbin back rest and she is fine now. And I can just slide it out for a cleaner look when it is just me.
I also have a Corbin seat. It's the Gunfighter with the removable backrest. Yes, it's a stiff seat but your butt won't burn or go numb. I was looking for a low seat that accented the contour of the bike, yet gives excellent back support and no numb butt. I tried the Sundowner seat and it's not meant for a Night Train. It's comfy, but too big!!!! Lepara makes a lot of good seats I was considering. There is also Saddleman. It really depends on what you are looking for.... A touring seat, a short trip seat, a solo seat or something in between.
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I've had a few Corbins and they are a hard seat. I liked them but there are more comfortable seats available. They also say that it takes about 1500 miles to break in before you feel comfortable.

Corbin also offers a softer seat padding but does not advertise it to loudly.:s
not one to change seats ,and always found the stock seat to be fine with me , but after putting 5000 k on my 07 SG I realized the seat was not comfortable for me ,Ive always found that a seat will take about 1500 k to break in to really start molding to your body ,so I decided to fork out the big bucks for a seat,I went with a corbin but not a sleeker style more of a classic design, and I figured as long as I am taking the plunge I went all out on the design and added heat , I am very pleased with this seat and the heated option is great .Im not promoting corbin seats , but in my reserch corbin offers a lot of features such as sizing for shorter riders and heat along with real leather, most seats or a sythetic (vinyl ), such as HD and Mustang ,Santee . so if you are looking for synthetic corbin would not be a choice ,I here a lot of things about leathermen seats also , So I think you need to first decide on what material you want then comfort level then options and then style.
I have the Fat Boy Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat from HD and I love it. It sits a little lower which is right for me. It is also very comfortable for my wife. When I install my pullback risers I think it will fit me even better,because I will be able to sit more upright and get the full benefit of the backrest.
I replaced the stock seat on my Heritage shortly after my first long ride with the Harley Sundowner which was much better than stock. I replaced this however last summer after 10 days in the saddle. I picked up a Mustang wide touring seat with a removable back rest. Having the lower back support was an amazing improvement for those long rides.
I rode with my stock 07 Fatboy seat for approximately 9K miles and it was just Ok, meaning that sometimes after 4 - 5 hours in the saddle my butt would be a little numb and my lower back would bother me a little. So while in Reno at the Street Vibrations Rally I had a Mustang seat with pillion pad and adjustable back rest installed. The only mileage I have on this new combination is about 400 - 500 miles, and I love it. I think the back rest is a major improvement as well.

The one thing that was a little concerning for me is that the seat has moved me forward a couple of inches and the feel was something I had to get use too.