adjustment for passenger to ride with me. a question somebody i hope could answer.

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  1. funny_man101

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    i have recently gotten a 2002 hd sportster 1200 custom, and i took my girl on a ride the other day and something felt wrong as we started picking up speed. im new to biking and i dont know much. can anybody help me out on what i need to do adjust or install for a passenger to ride???
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    Have air pressure checked and adjusted for passenger. If shocks are adjustable has that been done for adding passenger.
    A little more info as to what was happening and how you compensated for it would help in getting a better answer...
  3. funny_man101

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    well it just felt like the rear of the bike was dragging a bit to much. like i was afraid that the tail fender was about to hit the tire and i just had a hard time turning.

    and i didnt compensate for it at all. i just got a low profiler seat and put it on. thats it.
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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Adjustable shocks on your bike Take a Special Tool that HD SELLS seperate of the bikes.. a simple Single Spanner Wrench is needed to place the rear shocks UP to their fullest position when riding double.... I leave mine there all the time...

    The air pressure should be at 40 psi and BOTH Shock setting and air pressure would make a world of difference..

    You never mentioned WEIGHT of both you and the passenger??????

    This also makes a HUGE difference here.. :D

  5. HDDon

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    Bubbie is correct total weight is something you need to know. You also need to know what your bike is capable of handling. You did not mention if the bike has lowered shocks, or if the shocks are stock height and if they are the original shocks that came on the bike. Shocks do wear out and the aftermarket has all types of replacements for you bike.
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    Any bike will feel tail heavy when you add a passenger however as has been stated already tyre pressure to 40 on the rear i like 38 on the front and adjust the shocks to the hardest setting turning the tool clockwise should be on to a harder setting you will get a bit of a clunk with each setting and it takes a wee bit of effort to turn to the next setting

  7. funny_man101

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    total weight for both of us is around 275-300 lbs. i didnt think it would affect it so much cuz im most of the weight. but this helps out alot. any other tips or anything else that i would need to be aware of since this being my first bike?? anything would be helpful. thankyou
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    I think you just need to follow what you have read here. Make sure the tires are at the proper pressure. Adjust the rear shocks, and you should be good to go. Remember that the bike will handle different and you need to take it easy untill you get the feel for it. After you and your rider are comfortable with the bike you need to practice things like swerving the bike, and emergency braking (do these on a back road with little traffic). The more you practice the more comfortable you and your rider will be. I you haven't already taken a rider safety course you want to think about signing up for one. Ride Safe
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    More miles/trips on bike = more confidence. Just got to get familiar w/the bike & differences w/pasenger. Remember to tell passenger to let you control (like dancing - you lead). Best advice I tell my riders is to keep feet up/on pegs at all times & look over the shoulder I'm leaning into when cornering.
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    Use both brakes when slowing. I sometimes ride the rear brake to help stabilize the bike during low speed turns etc.

    I've swapped out the front fork oil for SE stuff and that seems to reduce the front end from diving a bit.

    The others have you covered with tire pressure and adjusting the rear shocks. Spanner is fairly cheap from the dealer and easy to adjust.

    Other than that, the sporty isn't the most accommodating 2 uper. Definitely cozy.