ABS or No ABS on new FLSTN?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by JDPEagle, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. JDPEagle

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    My wife is thinking about upgrading from the Dyna to something a little more comfortable for a longer haul but still small enough for her to be completely confident. We're really liking the looks of the new Deluxe (FLSTN) in Birch White/Vivid Black. As we know, the 2011's offer a "Security Package" which includes ABS for $1,195.

    Since the MoCo didn't announce the availability of this option before the dealer show (or the 3rd quarter order placements), the dealers were not able to order ABS equipped softails. To my knowledge, H-D send out one or two ABS equipped softails to each dealer. It now appears, only a month or so after release, that the ABS softail models are really being "snatched up." I can only find one bike (matching our specifications) in the southeastern US, and the dealer is demanding a premium because of it ($2k over MSRP).

    My question to the softail veterans out there, is the ABS really worth it on these models? I love it on my Ultra, but not sure about its benefits on the softails.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I would think if it's a feature that you'd really like, it shouldn't matter what model you're even talking about. Are you mainly referring to the weight difference between the 2 bikes?

    My FLHX didn't come with ABS but I've always said that if I buy another bike, I'm getting it. It's just too good a safety enhancement to not have.
  3. ultrat

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    I did not get it on my 09 flh. if i had i may think diferently...
  4. JDPEagle

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    I think that is what I probably should have said. On a bike that is ridden 2-up as well as loaded down with "stuff" (i.e. the Ultra), I thought that the benefits of a system such as ABS would be a lot more useful. I understand the the principles are the same between the models (and if two identical Deluxes were in front of us and one had ABS, I would purchase the ABS equipped), but with the apparent shortage of the ABS equipped bikes at this time, I wasn't sure if the option was worth waiting out for the winter-spring shipments.

    GARVIN Active Member

    I have abs on my ultra - this past summer on a trip back from upper Michigan on I-75 I had to pull an emerg stop that put me between cars on center line , I was in the middle of a quick lane change when traffic stopped . From 75mph to a stop .
    all I said to the wifey was that the abs paid for it self in that one stop.
    abs is worth it .
  6. Breeze3at

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    Here's my opinion. Wife + bike = good times. I would try and insure every measure of safety possible. A common accident is the high side caused by sudden over application of rear brake, causing rear to lock and back to fishtail.
    Even experienced riders often will let off the brake in a fishtail allowing the tire to grip, and the dreaded highside happens. Once it starts, it's done. I'd do what's required to make my wife happy (color combination and model), and safe (ABS), time and cost don't matter (well, thousands and thousands of $$ over msrp matters). She has a nice bike now, and seasons are changing. Shop around.
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    Where is it? Might be a fun road trip to see if a big roll of cash changes their way of thinking!

    If Amanda's comfortable with taking the Dyna to Daytona next month, I'd definitely wait until you could get the bike you absolutely want - color, ABS, everything.

    And don't you dare sell that Dyna until you let Sue and I have a shot at it!
  8. TXMikey

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    I've got the ABS on my Street Glide, and agree it pays for itself if it saves you from hitting another car 1 time.

    I may be in the same situation you are JDP. My wife has now decided she wants to move up to something nicer than her Honda, and has set her sights on a new Heritage Classic. I'm in favor of her getting the ABS, but she isn't in favor of the extra expense. Guess we'll see what we can find?
  9. glenreeder

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    You really don't need it until you need it. I have it on my 09 FLHX. Last summer I was riding with a group of guys through a winding canyon, I was the third bike when a dirt bike jumped out in front of us from the side, instant panic, the front rider (with no ABS) locked up his brakes and his back tire whipped to the right and hit the second bike just as the second bike locked up his brakes. Second bike went down, I hit my brakes hard and was able to manuever around the downed biker. I believe if I didn't have ABS I would have also locked up and not been able to avoid an accident.
    FYI, the downed biker wasn't hurt other than road rash on his backside, which I think was a miracle, we we at about 75 mph when he went down, his bike was a mess.
    Now, to make a long story short, I would never buy a new bike without ABS
  10. bonsi57

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    I have it and would not want to be without it. I was sold after I witnessed a fellow rider avoid hitting a deer and remain in control the entire time of his panic stop. Cheap insurance for the just in case need. You will get the value back when you trade or sell the bike. JMO