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    I had my first accident EVER on a bike because of this darn thing. Been riding since I was a kid and I am 44 years old.

    I pulled it out. I also hated the fact that I couldn't bleed my brakes without taking it to Harley.

    Here is a photo of the fitting I used to connect the 2 lines. Got the fittings at O'Reilly. You need 2. One for front and another for the rear.

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    So are you saying that because your bike has ABS, that was the only component that caused the accident? By installing this fitting in the brake lines how did you alleviate the ABS warning light and possibly the check engine light from coming on and registering a fault code??????
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    If I'm understanding your post right, you defeated the ABS after paying extra to get it?
  4. genodgeno

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    Yeah I took it out after paying for it. At that time, you couldn't buy one of these without waiting for months to get one special order. 2008 105th anniversary.

    Yes it was the main factor. When it releases, feels like no brakes at all. I tried stopping distances myself by unplugging the fuse. I stopped much quicker each time without it. I am quite experienced so maybe that has something to do with it.

    I had people riding with me without it at times when we had to hit the brakes suddenly and I almost always had to make sure I could get to the shoulder. I can only say that in the rain, ice, or snow (why in the (EDIT)
    would you ride in those conditions anyway is beyond me) would I want the ABS. But I live in Houston, Texas. Rarely ever ice and never snow. I don't ride in the rain if I can help it and know how to ride safely anyway.

    I did this feeling real comfy having made this modification. I plan to replace the lines with stainless braided when money allows. Gave me tons of room for acc in its space.
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    From everything I have read about PROPERLY FUNCTIONING ABS suggests that it makes anyone stop like an expert. That yours required extra distance suggests it wasn't working properly whether there was a malfunction light or not.

    I am NOT a fan of ABS because I don't like any system taking control away from me and if one develops a complacency/dependence on it and it then malfunctions, you are pretty well guaranteed a crash. If I could not have purchased my machine without it, I would have pulled the fuse when I got home anyway. Does your modification plump around the controller?
  6. glider

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    I'm not a fan of ABS either. It will increase stopping distance over standard breaking regardless of what anybody says about it. The difference is that it will stop you safely in a panic situation over locking a wheel.

    If you had a situation of two bikes one with and one without ABS and a measured distance between impact and stopping, the ABS would run out of room.
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    Agreed. Like many here I don't like electronics beyond EFI. That said, if you apply proper braking technique and don't lock up your wheels, the ABS system will never get activated, so you won't know it's there.

    If you do panic or hit a slick part it will activate and most likely save you from an accident.

    The technology is good, but you should be given the choice if you want to use it on your bike / car.
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    2008 models had an update for the ABS, need to be recalibrated. Check with your dealer for the recall.
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    There are several ways of telling if your bike has ABS installed. The front left brake line will have an electrical line alongside it so will look like 2 brake lines. There will also be a black piece on the axel next to the brake rotor that this electrical line connects to. Under the rear right panel below the seat there will be a control box that the brake lines run to and then to the brakes. If you do not have these components you do not have ABS.
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    Only problem I've experience with ABS is when during normal braking on a rough road, I've had it engage and cause a brief sensation of loss of brakes as it releases. It seems to trick the system into sensing the rear wheel is locking up, when you would be nowhere near a lockup. Also has occurred when braking to a stop while crossing RR tracks if you hit a bump.