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  1. ronhend

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    Hi Guys,
    One of the main reasons I keep a HOG membership is in case of a break down and I need towing.
    My membership is up for renewal and was looking at AAA for the autos and the bikes.

    Anyone here have any experience with AAA?


  2. Iceman24

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    Not w/AAA, but I added towing coverage to my auto/bike policy w/State Farm so I'm covered either way & believe it was cheaper than HOG renewal...might want to check w/your agency.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've heard horror stories about motorcyclists having their bikes damaged by towing companies that aren't specifically experienced with moving a damaged or stranded bike. This is why I still carry the HOG coverage. I'm hoping the companies they would contact would stand a better chance of knowing what to do with my bike. I can't emphatically say that I know that's true but I'm hoping anyway!
  4. ronhend

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    Well, I must have had one of those DUH moments.
    I had not considered that maybe my motorcycle insurance might cover towing.
    I pulled out my Progressive policy and sure enough, I have roadside assistance at a cost of $10 per year.
    I know from looking online at AAA, motorcycle coverage is a $35 add-on.

    Still thinking about AAA for the autos as I am out of town a lot and might be good for the wife and son.

  5. Breeze3at

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    My wife has had AAA since I've known her. Her bike broke down once, and she specified that a rollback be dispatched rather than a normal tow truck. They pulled it on and strapped it down with no damage or extra cost. She has also helped about a dozen people get their cars unlocked for free. Locksmith does not care whose car it is, just who has the AAA card. Her name is on the membership, so I'm not covered unless she is with me.
  6. Lawdog314

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    Don't have any with AAA but have experienced the "HOG" tow. Not impressed. Was cross country in Penn, when the RK didn't want to play no more. Was within 5 miles of a HD shop, called HOG, they wanted to dispatch a tow from over 80 miles away! :devilMy bike insurance is with Progressive and I have free tow plus first hour of labor free. Called them and they had the HD shop start right out. Never bothered renewing my HOG membership again. The only reason I have a HOG membership now is I just bought and Ultra and get a year for free. Personally, I think that is about all HOG is worth...
  7. Packratky

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    No matter what insurance you have, check your "PIP". PIP if it is cheap it is more likely to be "pedestrian injury protection". There are more than one kind of "PIP'. Check your policy, if you want the PIP, personal injury protection, that pays for you and a passenger you have to ask if it. Mine is $300 per year through Progressive.

    My brother-in-law just got hit by a pickup truck and that is when he and my sister found out about PIP. He doing OK, 14 breaks between his keen and toes. His 1950 Harley will have to be rebuilt again.

  8. caseyleiser

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    have CAA in Canada, used them in Canada and the U.S. been excellent the half dozen times I,ve used them. Same as your AAA stateside. I,ve also found the price is as good as anyone else out there.
  9. horizonchaser

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    I have AAA here in Massachusetts. I've had it for years. I have used it on quite a few occasions form myself and family members too. I can't complain. I just prepare myself for about a 2 hr. wait. Still, it's better than nothing.
    Unfortunately, here in Ma. AAA isn't available for motorcycles! :( I have been with a friend when his bike broke down and he did use his Hog membership. Same deal. You wait around 2hrs. for them to come and load it on a flatbed truck. They towed it over to my house where he could work on it afterwards. Every year I subscribe to HOG just so I can have some kind of towing in case I ever need it. The HOG magazine seems to be one big infomercial with a few articles tossed in to keep it interesting. They do give you some pins which I toss on a shelf in my garage along with my other HD items.
    I suppose some kind of towing package is better than none at all when you are stranded out in the middle of nowhere! :)
  10. Wayne R

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    AAA offers outstanding coverage, never had any problems with them, if they offer bike coverage I wouldn't hesitate to get it, HOG, on the other hand, I was stranded on Alligator Alley in Florida about 30 miles outside of Miami waited 2 to 3 hours and still no tow truck called HOG back then the tow company they gave me and the guy told me he couldn't find us, this is a two lane road and we were at some Indian named trailer park I'm sure any of the locals could tell you exactly the location, much less a tow truck driver, ended up doing a make shift repair on the rear brake with some help with tools from some of the folks at the park and drove into Miami with one brake where we were able to get repairs from a dealer, had a small spill on the bike around 1: 00 in the afternoon and pulled out around 5:00 and still no tow truck, not a good feeling being broke down in the everglades with nightfall approaching and no help, I did call HOG when we got back home and complained about the tow company they used out there but what good that did, I have no idea.