99 fxd dies and restarts 5 min later???

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by trkmnymkr, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. trkmnymkr

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    Hello guys, got my first big boy Harley and already have troubles. When I ride for about 5-10 miles it dies as though you shut the switch off. Has fuel and is getting plenty as I can smell it when trying to start it. After about 5 minutes or so it will fire up and run for a few miles before it does it again. I didn't have any tools to check spark besides my finger in coil and it has no spark. Where do I start with this problem??? All my wires and grounds appear good. Have lights, crank, etc. when it occurs. HELP!!! Want to ride sooo bad!
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    [​IMG] After checking the power to the coil have a look here you have a cam sensor and a crank sensor that control spark
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    Test your coil as follows
    Ignition coil primary circuit test
    set meter RX1
    Primary coil winding resistance range= 0.5-0.7 ohms

    secondary circuit test
    set meter RX1K
    normal resistance range is 5.5-7.5K ohms

    a low resistance means short in the coil windings
    high resistance means corrosion/oxidation
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    With the coil test will I need to test it when it dies or will it be sufficient to test cold? Also, for the cam/crank sensors who would be a good supplier for them. Am I stuck with the stealership?
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Test the coil cold will be fine, the sensors I would get from the dealer, that is JMO on the sensors
  6. trkmnymkr

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    Is it common for these sensors to fail? I had no clue a carbureted Harley was set up like this?!?!
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Indeed it is a problem, the sensors are not that expensive and dealers stock them:s
  8. trickydoc

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    Check your main circuit breaker. I have an 2001 Ultra and it would run a little and stop a lot. My main breaker was getting hot, tripping out, cooling off and resetting.

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    MY Early 1/2 year 2000 FXDS.... Yes there were problems with the Crank sensors in the first two years of the twin cams. They came out a little too long and had a problem on the early bikes. I replaced my 00 bike and that solved the problem (twice). BUT it never restarted once it quit... It did pop and backfire though... THEN Nothing...

    Even though it sounds like the sensors to me, it may be the coil.

    The cam sensor I also replaced and didn't need to be (it was the crank both times)... A little melting of the cam sensor, what.ever.it.is, was not the problem. I paid just under 100$ Each, getting them at a HD dealer.

    That was about 7 years ago... Told I was lucky to find them... ?

    The crank sensor can act like the coil going out. The easy way to replace the LONG wire that goes from the sensor down and into a wire Loom is a difficult process... After the HD shop BUTCHERED the wire harness it went thru, I just went my own direction on the second one (not warrantied) and kept it out of the cover and tied it appropriately where needed... for easy install and removal IF necessary AGAIN...

    Symptoms stated: for MY crank sensor... Back firing/quit running/No start.

    Has your bike HAD the Ball style rear cam bearing replaced to the full style Roller cam bearing ? ... A Must Do if not... OR some day BANG.....
    ALL 99 and Early 1/2 year 00's needed it done (IMO and others who owned them) before they Blew...

  10. trkmnymkr

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    Well guys I replaced the crank sensor today and tried to ride it home. Wont have the cam sensor till Thursday. Same problem. Practically at the same place on the road too. Coil tested ok. When the main breaker trips does it kill power to the starter as well as the ignition? I have a crank-no-start situation when this occurs. I want to thank everyone who has helped out so far THANKS!!! My red engine light stays on for a few seconds after starting now and it wasn't doing that before. How do I pull codes?