96 vs 103.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SeaRider04, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. SeaRider04

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    For those of you who has a 96 motor. IF you can go back and do it again, would you wanna get a 103 motor or you are happy with your 96's ? (I'm not a speed freak ).

    I'm torn between 2011 SG w/103 and Electra Glide Classic w/96. I'm waiting for the weather breaks a bit and do the test ride on both but in the mean time, just looking for what you guys think. Most of the time I will be solo ride but the wife wanna tag along so I do like the tourpak for her comfy though.
  2. mat 60

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    I would just pick the bike you want..I think the 96 is fine...I love the Glide Classic
  3. whacko

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    I have a 96.....first bike so not much to compare it too but I think it has plenty of power to spare for me. I am thinking about going to a road king later in the summer and would not think twice about it having the 96! Should fly just fine!
  4. SeaRider04

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    I hear ya Hobit, part of me say go for 103 and get the tourpak added on for the wife and part of me say get the Classic and spend those extra money for something else. I'm 5'10 and around 165-170lbs and the wife is 5'0 and aound 100lbs soaking wet with 2-3 layers of leather.
  5. bluefilhd

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    If it was me, I'd go with the SG w/ 103, and make momma comfy from there. I just like the idea of having the extra inches for touring, maybe can add more weight when I pack. That's the route I plan to go when I get the RoadGlide that's only a dream right now. But that's me.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    I am fine with 96 inches a leap forward from 74 inches IMO your ride you decide:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I can't pick between the Two bikes for you But.... If you go 96" with a full Stage-One and a simple fueler like TFI or Gen3 from Dobecks,,, it will perform just fine..

    That is what I did to make my 96" 09 FLHR respond like it should of off the show room floor....

    Later I added the SE255 cams to give it the Better Boost.

    "One Day" when i get Many more miles on the 96", I will go to the 103" with manual compression releases.
    That is the plan...

    I could just leave it where it is Right Now as it does Tickle Me Fancy....

    If you go 103, what cams are in it, and does it come with compression reliefs?
    (SE 255 cams and CRValves)

    My ride will Have to Have Both the above in the 103" or Your 103" would be a No Go.

  8. tsp45acp

    tsp45acp Active Member

    103 all the way! When I was looking to change my seat, I rode a 2010 Ultra and I was less than impressed.

    My RK Police came with the 103. It's in the shop now getting the 50K service done and adding the 255 cams. Already has Rhinehart True Duels, PC3, & K&N Airfilter. Told the tech dudes to do a dyno run before and after the service/cams are done so I have a reference point to be able to see what the true effect will be. It runs great now, but it will REALLY run great when I get it back. Tracy
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  9. 09RGlideKY

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    I could feel the difference when I bought my 11 RK Police. It has a little different gearing too according to the HD site. It also has the auto compression release so hot starting is better and it also has the oil cooler.

    The 103 power pack option was not offered on the regular RK and the police model is cheaper. Plus it comes with the heavy duty charging system and the tires that are supposed to stay on the rim if they go flat.

    I ride solo so the seat works for me.
  10. Slapp

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    My theory is this; for a fast smooth ride there is no replacement for displacement (103). With that said there is nothing wrong with the 96, I am 5 foot 5, 170lbs, wife is 5 foot 1, 100lbs and we have no problem with the bike as far as performance goes even when we are totally loaded for a trip. I have a heavy breather, Rush pipes and Screamin Eagle Tuner on an 09 EG and it performs perfect. Sure all that extra power is great but in the long run no matter how you look at it when touring it is more about the comfort of the ride. Take the 96 and spend the extra cash on comfort.
    One more thing...whatever you decide make sure it is the best decision you can make for yourself. Good luck