85 MPH speed limit

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by BikeSAG, Sep 6, 2012.

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    There a part of I-15 in Utah with 85mph posted Just north of Ceder city.
  3. hogcowboy

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    So why would I want to go 85 when my 07 just purrs at 73 all day long and gets darn good gas mileage at that speed? But I guess if everybody is doing it you best kick it up or get run over.
  4. Davidw2415

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    I don't understand why if everyone loves riding so much; why are they always in such a hurry to get to their destination.
  5. RibEye

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    Such speeds are at the entry to revealing alignment, suspension, and other issues contributing to wobble and other tracking effects. My counsel is to make sure your machine is up to snuff while taking advantage of such roads with such limits.

    Personally, while my machine is capable of significantly higher speeds, I prefer a more relaxed pace. I enjoy the journey so much that I have little interest in shortening the time spent in it. In addition, I HATE THE SLAB.

    Rich P
  6. Jack Klarich

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    I ran 80 most of the way home, my bike runs good at that speed and fuel is not too bad, I guess I was in a hurry to get home. That said I remember when Texas and Montana had OPEN speed laws
  7. Amish Hawg

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    I travel that run once a week around Austin. Its posted at 80 right now. It starts in Georgetown and takes one about 5 miles outside the Austin gridlock. It ends in Buda Tx. You wont even see Austin if you take this.

    There is virtually very very little traffic on it BUT, at 80mph, you can come up quick on that fruit truck thats moving at 50mph. I'm thinking its not such a great idea.

    A great run to avoid traffic in Austin if you are running to San Antonio from Dallas. Im just thinking, 85....a tad too quick for my scoot or my car.

    80 is my max.....i prefer 70-75. Its only 2 lanes each way.....Im not feelin too good about 85/me and the scooter and wannabe race car drivers.
  8. HDDon

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    85mph + distracted driver= You will get run over quicker!!!

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I agree here with Rich.

    I too like the Ride so much I OFTEN take a LONG short-cut to get there.:D

    Usually my trips to the Phoenix ride meet n greet, I look for a different route to accomplish the same end location...

    Love to Ride it,,,,, Ride to Love it...

    Yes, IF Bike is in good shape/working order...

    I went to the 09 ROT (republic of texas rally).
    Posted speed 80 WAS fast and after slowing to 55,,, it was Like I could have gotten off the bike and walked beside it.:small3d006:

    Careful and watch in your mirrors,,, always someone doing More...

    Darn thoes crotch-rockets..... sneaking up UNDETECTED behind me and passing like I'm Dead in the water,,,, Even when I'm doing 80+.:small3d031:

    I love to putt,,,, Mostly following the Limit posted at 35/37, 55/57, 65/67 then 75/77/80 mph. I'll do the limit Plus a little, just for the safety of keeping up and-or ahead of traffic....
    (80 in a 75 is my max) ,,,, Never like stuck in the middle of a group.:bigsmiley23:

  10. Iceman24

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    I better get one of those "slow moving vehicle" signs for my ride...85 seems fun, but not enjoyable to me. Guess I'll stick to the back roads...