3000 mile round trip

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    Don't know what to expect nor who I might ask so thought I'd post here. I and a friend are planning a 3000 mile round trip ride. Will take several days. He will be riding a rental 2001 103 Ultra and I will be on my 2001 Ultra that has only 30K. My questions are:

    If anything, what normally can one expect to mechanically go wrong? I know the normal isssues that can come up on long road trips, tire problems, bulbs blowing out, maybe even a final drive belt breaking, etc but I am asking, is might I have a problem with considering I am riding a 10 year old Ultra. I have prepared as much as I possibly can. It has brand new tires, new oil, new spark plugs, etc. What else might I do in order to prepare? What is the most likely issue, other than those I've listed above, I may encounter?

    Hopefully, I haven't possed some stupid questions.
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    I would pack a small tool kit just to tighten loose stuff. It would be more for peace of mind than anything else. Just ride like you are 1,500 miles from home and you ought to be fine! I would not worry and just enjoy the trip!!!
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    don't forget the tire gage. every am, do a pre-ride ck.,oil,tire press, make sure you didn't knock anything loose on yesterdays ride. don't over-do it on the miles -per-day schedule you may have in mind. as stated maybe 2 pairs of sunglasses. enjoy the ride as that is the only reason for a long trip. if you have a lap-top. hotels , some Mc Donalds have wireless, so you can share your experiences, and difficulities as you venture down the road. good luck.lb
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    Like said before a small tool kit is a must but i also like to have a extra set of spark plugs, extra qt. of the oil for each type I am using an extra Head lamp bulb, and some spare fuzes.
    Then it just a matter of did all u can do. It time to enjoy the ride and deal with what ever might happen if it even happens.
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    As a hang over from my days on old british twins on longer trips i carry tool kit
    spare spark plugs an assortment of bolts and nuts (but never have the size i need) cable ties and a set of control cables for the bike

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    Not sure where you're headed or what states you'll travel through, but I always make sure I'm 'packing', especially on long road trips.:small3d022:
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    30,000 miles on your bike, the only thing to watch out for is a chic on her cell phone. Enjoy the ride, wish I was with you:s
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    Yea to cable ties - handy little fellas and easy to pack. Do you have tubeless tyres? I have a repair kit with plastic screw plugs and CO2 cannisters for reinflation (not for my laced Sporty) which can get you to the next garage if you get a puncture from a nail or similar. If it's a rip or tear it doens't work.
    If you're off the beaten track a bit - maybe one of these might be handy too:
    REDA Gas Can: News

    Ride safe and have a great trip. Take lots of pics and post'em when you get back. :D
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    Duck tape, electrical tape, bungee cords, and owners manual along with the other items mentioned.