255 cams/what to expect ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mca1989, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. mca1989

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    I have a 2009. I am wanting to increase power (decrease 0-60 time).
    what are REAL expectations of changing cams.
  2. Drumrguy

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    Cams alone are not going to do that. If you are looking to decrease 0-60 time, you should probably be looking at some overall motor work, especially heads, they will do wonders.
  3. Chopper

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    I have done 255 cams with big bore cylinders and get about 85 HP & 106 Ft. Lbs. Torque @ 4500 ft. elv. with S/E air cleaner & free breathing mufflers. The 255 is a good torque cam for heavy bikes, you will feel the torque more then the horse power on a big bike. That cam also puts the power & torque in the driving range where you want it. This combo still gives you stock like roadablity but with much more power for two up riding, less time to do 0-60.
    You will need a tuner also. I like the HD super tuner myself, it does not get any better then a stock harley ECM that is 100% programable and the new software has smart tune that can help fine tune if needed, but I think you would be happy if you just download the HD stage 2 cal into your ECM your self. No need for a dyno tune.

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    DO A TRUE STAGE ONE FIRST ::: A GOOD stage one WILL ENHANCE the performance of a SMALL cam... so no waste there.....

    MY STAGE ONE :::

    V&H slip-ons
    scrm'n eagle air
    DOBECKS TFI*** fuel management....

    *** this unit enriches the TOO LEAN condition on ANY FI bike especially a harley, and will enhance performance with or without a stage one....

    NOW if you haven't done the above, STAGE ONE,,,, TRY IT FIRST... It will produce a lot more power 0/120... and at affordable cost....

    A low end cam WOULD have been my next step ,,,, BUT quite frankly I don't feel the need for it.. BECAUSE NOW my properly TUNED 2009 FLHR with STAGE ONE gives me PLENTY MORE power from 0/80 ... The TFI tuner did MOST of the power change.. NEW POWER........ THE kind you feel in the SEAT of your PANTS...

    A CAM??? 26 andrews for more low end torque probably.... BUT like I said I am comfortable at this "stage one" for now....

    I have had MANY hd's.... MOST ended up HOT... PLANNED AHEAD but A little here,,, then a little there ..... The HOTTEST was a 2000 dyna built to the HILT and PLANNED that way from the start....... Manley lrg. valves n springs SS570G,flowed n ported,95 cu in.. beefer support plate,lifters, fueling oil pump, Scrm'n eagle tuner, 42 mikuni... a LOT of other HOT stuff and 6 speed tranny,,,,,,,,, so I know a lot about 0 to 140 FAST.... and the $$$$$$$$$ that it takes to get there...

    I'm SO satisfied with my new BIG BIKE and really don't need to build it into another MONSTER....

    20/50 REDLINE in engine
    MTL redline in chain-case
    SHOCKPROOF HVGY. in tranny NEVER-EVER any metal on magnetic drain plug.....
  5. B-1B_Guy

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    I agree w/ Chopper. Assuming you have a high flow intake, the 255 cam will produce great torque at lower RPM's; however, it falls flat on it's face at 4K. 255 is awesome for an Ultra especially if you ride 2 up.
  6. iclick

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    I have 255's in my stock TC96 with Fuel Moto Stage 1 (PCV-AT, AC, and Jackpot mufflers), and it definitely doesn't "fall flat on its face at 4K." HP does peak at 5K and gradually decreases above that, but mine feels strong up to the 6250-rpm redline and produces more HP even at the redline than stock. I agree with you that this is an ideal cam set for riders of heavy touring bikes who want a very usable increase in low-end and midrange TQ and don't care much about peak-HP.
  7. spartacus55

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    yeah what hobbit says 255's on a 2007 rk w/103 kit se hi flo, flat top pistons,heads ,sert rinehart tru duals,dyno tune 87hp 107tq great 2up pulling power.
  8. StreetGlide N

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    I hear a lot of good things about the 255 cam. How does it idle? Rougher than stock (lopes)or nice and smooth. If used in a stock 96" can the original pushrods be used?
  9. B-1B_Guy

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    however, it falls flat on it's face at 4K.

    You guys are right, poor choice of words on my part. My bike just feels like it doesn't pull as hard up in the 4K range but it is still pulling.
  10. Lund3218

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    Am wondering about adding them to a stage 1 96TC as well. Any other mods needed?
    Thanks in advance.