2010... Wide Glide vs Fat Bob

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by cvhmpls, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Hi guys, I need some feedback. I just sold my 2007 Road Glide. I am looking into these 2 Dynas and I want to know what the owners of these bikes think of their rides. I will be using the new bike for around town and touring. My Road Glide was always in the shop...a huge money pit! I can't afford a touring bike right now, so that's why I'm considering the WG and FB. How comfortable are these things for touring (vibration?).Thanks!
  2. ugocon

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    I ride a Street Bob, so I can't tell about handling a WG or a FB.
    But regarding vibrations, to me they are absolutely fine.
    There's just that touch that reminds you that you're riding an iron horse, but you can ride for hundreds of miles with no consequence.
    The silent blocks used on Dyna's work perfectly!
    My two cents.
  3. Chopper

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    The would have to vote for the fat bob, Dyna's have the same rubber mount engines as the touring machines, one time when I was in Milwaukee at a tech class, I asked if the balanced motors are so good why don't they put them in the rubber mount touring models? The answer was because they don't have to, the rubber mount system is the most comfortable as far as vibrations. Another bike worth considering for me would be the Road King, great for two up touring and I think it's price comparable.
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    My son has an 09 Fat Boy and I traded my 09 Fat Bob up for a dresser (or bagger if you prefer). I put a windshield, set of HD bags and Cycle Shack slip-ons on my Fat Bob and it was an awesome machine. Smoother than my son's Fat Boy and very comfortable seat. I put almost 4000 miles on the bike in 1 year including a couple of 300 plus mile days on it. The riding position is about perfect for around town and distance riding and the bike really handles well on curvy roads. I am sure you would be happy with a Fat Bob, they are a great bike.:p
  5. albe

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    I have a 09 Blk-Pearl Fat Bob and really like it. The big tires are nice when riding on rough roads. Seat and bars and forward controls work very well for me at 5'11". The only thing I don't care for is the look of the headlights, but that just me. 5000 mi and no problems at all. Demo rides are easy to come by and fun, so try them both out.
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    Howdy I have a 2008 Fat Bob and love it. Got it last year after my Superglide got smashed by a fallen tree. It is fun to ride as an around town ride, and as a long cruiser. Good tire grip with the wide tires. I did take a 2010 Wide Glide out for a spin too. I really liked that ride too. It was a tough decision. I just liked the looks of the Fat Bob a tad better. Either way you will be getting an excellent ride. Let us know what you decide. BTW what went wrong with the road glide?
  7. C908

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    I have a 2010 Wide Glide which I absolutely love. I test rode both but loved the stretched front end and custom look of the rear fender. I have a quick detach sissy bar with luggage rack and quick detach shield for when I take road trips.
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    I have an 02 wide glide and have put 95k miles on it. I went from an 80x90x21 front tire to a 90x90, progressive 13" shocks out back, mustang vintage wide seat, shield, bags and t-bag. I can ride all day, day after day. Went 4800 miles in ten days on the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America in 05. I'll probably never get rid of it but I might add an ultra to keep mama riding with me since she has some back problems in her older years. I really like my wg because it's much more "flickable" than the dressers in case of trouble
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    I just bought my 2010 Fat Bob and absolutely love it. Very smooth around town and on the highway. I just went over 1K and have found on the lousy roads we have here in Colorado with potholes galor, it handles the rough roads with ease. The big tires make is stick during turns, and vibration has been minimal. I did upgrade the seat when I bought it to the HS brown solo, which I do find a bit more comfortable than the stock seat, so that may contribute to the decreased vibration as well. I don't think you can go wrong with the Fat Bob, both for comfort and looks. Good luck on the new bike!!



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    I have a 2009 Fat Bob. I had originally gone in to purchase a Fat Boy but the Fat Bob had a look that I liked. Returning to the dealer after the test ride my first words were SOLD! I use it for around town and some short tours. Have detachable bags with Easy brackets I like to have the option. I haven't ruled out a windshield for function but I'm not sold on the look. I have not been on the WG so I can't compare the two. Go to the dealer and ride'em!