2010 Road Glide Custom - Wobble at any speed

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by metreekc, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Previously owned a 2000 Screamin Eagle Road Glide, that never wobbled, but was hit by a school bus. Purchased a 2010 Road Glide Custom as a replacement. It wobbles at various speeds, beginning at low to high. I am typically a one-handed rider and have been riding for over 35 years. There is no body steer with this bike at all. Talked with my dealer and they have had other similiar complaints and they contacted Harley direct. Harley stated that "two hands should be used at all times when riding." This is not the answer I was looking for! Is there anyone that is experiencing this also? If you fixed it, what did you do?
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    I have a SERG and have never had a problem with my bike. Even though I never recommend anyone doing this but I have ridden down the road at 70 with my hands off for 10+ miles. Straight as an arrow.( My hands are not that far away from the grips) I have heard something about the head nut not being tight enough..tire pressure..tire alignment.

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    Metreekc, welcome to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. Look into the Search tab at the top of this page, for threads on this topic, just by typing in wobble or weave. Your new 2010 has a touring frame which were beefed up as older models 2008 or so did have some weave during high speed cornering, which many attributed to frame so plenty of aftermarket "stabilizer" products became available. It should NOT be a problem on the 2009 and new models.

    I would have them check things out like fall away, steering bearing preload and dress of the cables and wiring as well as tire pressure, just to be sure while under warranty. If nothing else you should NOT have elated to the fact you primarily drive one handed. Great story for friends, but not one for dealer to use as ammunition for warranty repairs or written on a repair order your insurance company could see. :sd

    BTW don't let old timers or Glider hear that MOCO employee actually said "--they all do it..." :newsmile055: Should be one of those phrases that were supposed to be removed from their handbook of standard replies -- someone must not have read the memo... :19:
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    I've got 60,000mi on my 05 RG. I added a rear stabilizer to correct a high speed wobble (tight twisties at 85+). After reading all the articles on the new touring frame I think your dealer owes you more of an explanation. Like Fireguy I am able to ride my Glide no hands for miles including around curves.
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    Sound like the neck bearings may not be right or the tire pressure is to low , I would lean toward the neck bearings .
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    wasn't there a post here about early new frames having a bend or warp near the neck? i seem to recall that one was close to 1/2 in. out of true.
  7. Thorns

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    Don't take "they all do it" from any dealer...call Harley customer service. It is a safety item.

  8. hoggy25

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    I had a wobble at around 30mph on my 09 Ultra. Turned out I had a slow leak in the front tire valve stem (believe it or not there was a hair or thin thread stuck in it. SO when the front tire got to around 30 psi + it caused the wobble. I now keep 38 psi instead of the recommended 36 in the front tire and no more wobble. Try air first.
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    a friend of mine took his 2010 ultra classic to the dealer and they replaced the front tire. said there was a recall on them.
  10. Slapp

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    Had a similar problem on the Road King, turned out to be loose spokes.