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    I test rode a new flhx and loved it. Fits me well and rides like a caddy. I am riding a fatboy now, Long trips are becoming harder and harder. I'm getting older and my back just cant handle a counter balance motor.
    I would like to hear from any owners of The flhx. Pro's, cons etc. Things I should look out for, or any issues you have had with your bike.
    I am sold on the bike at this point. As I was with my fatboy.
    I cant say I made a mistake with buying my fatboy, But I'm not sure I would have chose her with some advise from others riding baggers.
    Any advice would be nice.
    Thank you
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    Oh, I have to jump in here. I had a FXSTC 2008 ,TFI, K&N airfilter, RUSH Slipons. I rode it for 26,000 miles and thought it was all I ever wanted. Until, like you I rode the FLHX. Without hesitation I made the deal and have been nothing but happy since. I warn you that it may have a tendency to "slow your driving down some." I've begun to enjoy the ride without the loud pipes or fast starts. At 61 years of age, I am a true cruiser now. Love the radio and comfort that I have with this machine. Good luck and let us know how you make out
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    To me the Streetglide, Roadglide, Roadking, Roadking Classic, Electraglide, Electraglide Classis, Electraglide Ultra Classis etc etc, to me they are all the same. Difference: It is all about "cosmetics and ammenties". Nutshell, it comes down to personal taste. A touring frame machine is a touring frame machine...plain and simple. It is without discussion the "Flagship" of the motor company.
    The Streetglide has been very popular with the younger bucks because of the contempory look with the ride, handling, and comfort of the touring frame.
    If you go from the Fatboy to the present machine you mentioned I think you will be a happy camper. IMHO
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    Personally I can't compare the Fat Boy with the FLHX but I can tell you this, I just purchased an 2006 FLHX after being on a 99 Roadstar for the last 4 years and 40,000 miles and the difference is astounding! Although the Roadie had more torque, the ride of the FLHX makes the sacrifice of power well worth it. The quieter ride of the Street Glide (Rineharts vs. Cobra Drags on Roadie) is much nicer and as someone mentioned above the ride of the street glide will definately make you want to slow down and enjoy the ride.
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    I have now had my 2010 FLHX for 2 weeks and I'm head over heels for it! I had a 2007 Deuce which I was quite sure was all I ever wanted, did 56,000kms on it and spent a fortune making it look good, ironically a lot of that was making it more "touring friendly".

    First decent ride yesterday on the FLHX and it was great - two up to a small beach town 100miles from home for a coffee! Was wet and windy (winter here now) and it's a road with a lot of twisties but the street glide was great. I was so much warmer and dryer than I ever was on the Deuce in bad weather. May have to look at the screen as i like my visor up and at 100kph the air flow caused to much shaking to leave it up.

    I'm sure you'd love it mate......!
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    pictures are welcome.,.,.,.,.
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    Thank you for all your posts. I did notice that speed did not matter when I test drove the flhx. I'm 32 now, young at heart I guess you could say when I ride. But in the last few years I have noticed my body just wont let me rip around town without paying the price. I am sure I'm ready for the change.
    I found the 6 speed trans would take a little getting used to.But I am sure I would adjust quickly.
    I have spoke with the boss on this and she says Its a go, But wants me to let my fatboy go. I don't think I can sell my first hd. She has been good to me. That being said I will have to wait till next spring.
    Are there any big changes coming for the 2011 lineup???
    I am considering looking into used flhx's, But a little worried about picking something up that someone else has rode hard.
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    That was a typo correct?
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    Ahhh ..... the question that comes up every year about this time!

    Stand by for so many rumors it'll make your head spin!
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    I hope that is a typo. I'm 32 and not feeling that old. Although I do really like the street glide, but won't go there till the wife if ready to ride with me, which basically for me means another 18 years till the kids are out of the house.:s