2008 Street Glide limp mode

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Cheeseman, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Cheeseman

    Cheeseman Member

    Just rode 1000 miles on a trip to No. Calif. On the last day coming home the bike lost power and went into limp mode. THe bike will start but backfires and runs poorly with no power.

    It threw the P0131, P0132, P0151, P0152 codes. From what I have read these are generic codes and the issue could be a lot of things.

    I have a Cobra module, V&N air cleaner and Python pipes. The rest is stock.

    The shop has been unable to figure out the problem yet. I suspect the module.

    They have checked the o2 sensors, fly by wire throttle control as far as I know.

    Any ideas?
  2. texas tom

    texas tom Active Member

    Temporarily bypass the cobra module see if it runs ok,wont hurt to run for a few minutes without it..
  3. hammerhead pat

    hammerhead pat Active Member

    Have you unpluged the connection at the TCA( behind a/c where a carb would be). Unplug, blow it out and apply some dialectric grease to it and plug back together firmly. Pretty common cause of limp mode.
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    http://www.hdtimeline.com/archive/t-2362.html I would disconnect the module and try it:s
  5. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    It didn't go into limp mode. If it did you would have a limp mode code (P1510) which you don't have.
    P0131, P0132, P0151, P0152 codes are not generic. When installing a Cobra, do you need to dead head the O2 sensor plugs? Are the O2 sensors still wired up like they are from the factory.
  6. Cheeseman

    Cheeseman Member

    I am not sure if the mechanic has bypassed the module yet. I am waiting for a call.

    The bike has run fine since the module was installed and bike was dyno'd a year and a half ago.

    I tried unplugging the plug behind the air cleaner, cleaning, greasing and reconnecting it. No change.

    We checked the fly by wire throttle too.

    I have never seen or heard a bike in limp mode but have heard about. The description seemed the same. Maybe I am wrong. This is new territory for me.

    Thanks for the input
  7. Cheeseman

    Cheeseman Member

    Hoople was right - not limp mode.

    It is the TCM manifold module? They have to replace it and I guess it comes in one piece plenum and all.

    Thanks again for the input. I will post when I get it back so you know the real resolution.
  8. craig Lee

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    Hey bro,
    Glad you're getting somewhere with this. Is the bike at our indy company or a dealer?
  9. Cheeseman

    Cheeseman Member

    It is at an independent. They are prety good.

    Still waiting to hear that it is done.

    I will post the full repair once it is complete for reference by others.

    I hope it's soon. I am going through withdrawls.
  10. Biffy08

    Biffy08 Active Member

    Hoople, you say that I bike will not actually be in limp mode unless code P1510 is present. But what mode is considered when the bike goes into a "reduced power" mode with codes P1511 and P2135? I have had a problem with my 2008 as well.