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2007 VRSCDX Night Rod Special

I really like this bike and all it's features but I am not sure how I really feel about an all black bike. I think that it would be really dangerous to ride this thing during the day much less at night. Anyways this bike features 1130cc liquid cooled engine and as I mentioned above it is done in all black paint with very little crome showing. Check this bike out and post your comments.
I just checked out the 2007 VRSCDX Night Rod Special on the Internet and I think it’s absolutely fantastic! And I especially love the all black color. Danger? Well, isn’t the appeal of Harleys, or all bikes for that matter, partly about the danger involved in riding one?
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Black bikes are harder to see. But most motorcycles are not seen by motorist on the street. You should always asume that you are not seen.

You know you don't have to buy it.

I like it lots and I'm going to buy one.
I agree that black bikes are hard to see so if you are uncomfortable then you should look at another model possibly the night rod rather than the night rod special. It has pretty much the same features but it’s not black.
I have this bike VRSCDX. All bikes are dangerous if you really want to look for faults. This one is no different. Just has more attitude!
This really cool bike.

May be you all guys want read the specs.

2007 Harley-Davidson® Night Rod™ Special

General Information

Length :94.4 inches ,7.867 feet
Seat Height : 25.2 inches
Ground Clearance :4.2 inches
Steering Rake :34.0°
Steering Head Trail :4.5 inches
Wheelbase :67.2 inches
Fuel Capacity :5.0 gallons
Fuel Mileage (estimated) :47.7 mpg highway ,37.4 mpg city
Oil Capacity :4.5 quarts
Dry Weight :643.0 pounds
Exhaust System :Chrome, straight-shot dual pipes; brushed mufflers with black end caps and black shields

Unique Features

- Black-on-black powertrain with gloss black covers
- Brushed, straight-shot exhaust with black caps and black exhaust shields
- Low 25.2-in seat height
- 240mm wide rear tire
- Forward-mounted foot controls with shorter drag-style handlebar


Engine : Liquid-cooled, Revolution™
Displacement :1131 cc,69.00 ci
Bore × Stroke:3.94 × 2.84 inches
Torque: 80.0 ft. lbs. @ 7000
Fuel System:Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Compression Ratio:11.3:1
Primary Drive :Gear
Gear Ratios :
- 1st: 11.752
- 2nd: 7.898
- 3rd: 6.322
- 4th: 5.459
- 5th: 4.899


Front Wheel : Slotted Machined Cast Aluminum Disc
Rear Wheel : Slotted Machined Cast Aluminum Disc


Instruments :
- Redesigned gauges with enhanced features: Electronic speedometer with odometer
- Time-of-day clock on odometer
- Resettable tripmeter
- Fuel gauge with low fuel warning light
- Low oil pressure indicator light
- Diagnostics readout
- Brighter/balanced LED light

Indicator Lamps :

- High beam
- Neutral
- Low oil pressure
- Turn signals
- Engine diagnostics
- Security system (optional)
- Coolant temperature
- Low fuel warnings


Front 4-piston
Rear 4-piston

Lean Angle :
- 32° left
- 32° right

I uploaded photo this bike on gallery.
Still has the requisite reflectors. Just bought one. and wouldn't trade it for anything. This thing looks fast standing still....
I have this bike and have been riding it since August of 06. It is one of the smoothest bikes I have owned. While still a cruiser, it is nice to have that power. For those who are thinking of buying one...a word of caution. I have the Denim finish on my bike...the other being the gloss. This new finish for Harley is still a little on the experimental side. Although I like cleaning my bike with Windex, the matte finish can be easily scratched or marred, and of course there is no ability to polish out these marks. Harley even states in the literature that the finish will "age" over time. I am not too sure what this means...the bike still looks great, but for some people I think the traditional gloss finish may be the way to go. Only time will tell how the denim finish holds up.

As for not being seen on a black bike, I ride professionally, and while riding I assume that no one sees me ever!!..

Ride safe,
I would REALLY like some help here.
I have ALWAYS wanted a bike and I saw the Night Rod Special the other week and it is the bike of my dreams.

I am going to take the course to learn to ride and all of that stuff first


I am not sure if this would be an ideal bike for me.

I am 5'6 and 152. I can hold the bike up, thats not an issue as I work out plenty.
My feet easily touch the ground but after reading a few reviews it sounds as if this
bike is more designed for taller longer people?
I do not plan on riding cross country or anything like that.
I do not have any interest in riding 100 mph or anything like that.
I want a bike I can take out with my friends that have the big cruisers and also one I can ride with my friends who have the cafe racers...

Is this a good choice of a bike for me?
Sitting on it felt good BUT of course just sitting on it you dont get into the position of riding or really get the feel. Of course I know this will really come down to how the bike feels for me but Id like the opinions of experienced riders....

Thank you in advance for your time and help.
If you would rather Email me please feel free.