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2007 FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic

This bike is taking everyone back to the good old day's of Harley. The design of this bike is based off of the vintage softails with some added updates. I really like this bike and it looks like it would be great for longer riding. I love how it seats two easily and focuses on the comfort of the second rider so much. Take a look at this bike and tell us what you think.
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This what I call a real Harley. This is the kind of Harley that I used to know. This is the one why people fall in love with this bike.


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Sure is sweet I am begining to wonder if a Harley will ever be in my future though.May have to tough it out on my wannabeeeee for some time to come.
My brother just ordered his Police Edtition Heritage. Maybe I'll get to ride and let you guys know what I think.
I just ordered one of these as well. I did not order the Police Edition or anything special but I can't wait to get mine none the less. I am so excited about this being my first purchase and all, and I was able to get a great price, just a couple hudred over invoice.
Well I ordered one in August got it the end of the month. Then 3 days later someone backed into it. Just got it back after having the fender replaced. In order to speed things up I went ahead and chromed the front end. All I can say is LOVE IT!!!! My first Harley and OHHHHH Man it is awesome.
I really love even just looking at that bike. I was going for a walk yesterday and seen one roaring down the street. It sent a rush through me. Does anyone else ever experience this or am I crazy LOL
I really like the look of that bike. It looks so classic and yet so sleek. I think it would be a great buy for anyone. I wonder how it handles though. Knowing Harley it has to handle good but I'd still love to go rent one and take it on a road test drive just to check it out for myself.
This is really the old look of Harley, we are used to see this kind of bikes. It is the classic look which is back. I would like to know the mileage of this model. Must be what Harley generally gives. As Doc has said it has to be awsome.
This is exactly what I have been saving up for. I cannot wait, I almost am ready to order my bike. This looks so much like the one I have in my head from when I was a kid. i am really excited about this bike!