2004 sporty starting problems

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    recently bought the bike and was laid down..i replace all parts broken now have a bad electrical issue is you can help..
    this is what i have already done..
    1.replaced coil,plugs and wires.
    2.replaced crank sensor
    3.replaced tsm and redone learn process
    4.replaced tssm and keyfob didn't work either
    5.checked all fuses,and relay.
    6.tested with meter all conections more than two times over the whole bike..
    7.checked fuel tank,vacuum hose for cracks,etc..
    bike will turn over,and over and over but no fire...funny thing is it has fire between coil wire and plug with tester but will not fire the plug..have changed plugs several times and gapped..what is wrong with this thing..
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    Welcome Renegadcoupe to the HDTimeline forum. While there are tabs near the top of the page toSelf Help Tips and threads available in the Search using key words. I have to say you have done a lot of work, but several things seem to stand out.

    1) Then you checked for spark, did you actually pull the plug (cover the open spark plug hole with a rag) ground the hex metal to the engine case and see a crisp blue spark? (just trying to clarify statement "-but will not fire the plug").

    2) Do you have a service manual reference available to help you check Compression?

    3) Do you "smell" fuel coming out of the spark plug hole like it is indeed getting fuel?

    4) When you pull the air cleaner off and roll the throttle back, do you see a "squirt" of fuel enter the carb throat? How clean is everything in there that you can see?

    5) Did you spray Starter Fluid down the throat and momentarily try to start engine?

    Somewhere during the 5 steps above, you should have uncovered what the problem is, being there are only 3 things required for combustion...Air/Compression, Fuel and Ignition. Keep us posted on what specifically you found.
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    What type of tester are you using.? Neon pen tester does not tell you very much.
    Instead, remove the plug, snap the spark plug wire to it, hold the plug against the frame of bike and crank. Do you see a spark jump the gap?