2000 Road King Oil Change Recommendations

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    I recently purchased a 2000 Road King from a good friend. He had purchased the bike new and shortly after built a Custom Bike. The RK sat for quite a few years before I purchased it (only 6K on it when I took delivery). It was taken from 88-95 before he took delivery. It was kept in pristine condition, in a carpeted garage with environmental controls. Yes he in Anal...lol The bike was completely drained of all fluids before I took it. I have since put about 2.5K on it and am getting ready for my first oil change. I was headed to use S3 in all 3 holes based upon chatter with other friends and their thoughts. I then read the TIPS page here and now have second thoughts on S3 or Synthetics at all... and now too putting it in all the holes. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Any tips to minimize spillage would be great too. It is a great bike and I just want the best care for it inside and out. I am pretty mechanically inclined but....

    Thanks, JD

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    Don't even think of the Syn 3 at all when there are much better oils available for the same money.

    Mobil1 V Twin in the engine
    Spectro GL1 for the trans
    HD Formula+ in the primary, you couldn't have better choices in the bike.
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    I use Amsoil and HD Formula+. I've had good luck with these. I used Syn3 in my 2000 Road King and it was ok, but when I bought my new bike I switched over and I'm pleased with the results.
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    Hmmm, you see this bike sat with NO fluids in it? I would flush the oil tank with some Kerosene just because JMO

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    No... it had fluids in it and they were all drianed and refilled last Feb. I have been on it riding for a year and just now doing my own oil change vs. having it serviced and was looking for recommendations on what oils to use.
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    Got ya, after reading the oil threads you will have the info you need, Good luck and happy riding:s

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    Most of the self help section is gone. anything Published by glider in not there any longer,,, NOT missing ,,, it IS just gone.

    In the Engine;

    I'd suggest a V-twin motor oil for HD's
    Redline 20/50 is my choice

    In the primary;
    I use MTL by Redline (wet clutch approved)
    another Good Choice is Harley's Formula Plus

    Tranny "GEAR OIL"

    I use Redline Heavy Shockproof (never ever any Metal on the magnetic Drain Plug)

    IF IN DOUBT,,, Just MAKE SURE it is a "GEAR OIL" not an engine oil.

    There are synthetics out there that CLAIM to be good in all three holes BUT I for one would NOT use them that way.. (SYN3 is SIN3) in more ways then One

    The above suggestions come from ME.

    I have used many different brands of oils and gear lubes on many Harley's and found MY suggested ones above to be the BEST suited to do the Best Job...

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    I have a couple of bottles of Formula+. I don't see any where on the label where is says "synthetic". Is it a synthetic product or conventional oil?
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    Its conventional and works great.